My Accutane Story

Middle school is a rough time for most of us. If you weren't awkward, unfortunate looking or super weird in middle school, you're probably lying. (I've provided some photos of me in middle school for your enjoyment)

Something all too common in middle school was acne. I'm talking pimples everywhere. Wasn't that fun??? Well, I was lucky enough to have acne way past middle school. From 7th grade on I tried probably every cream, pill and face wash known to man in a dire attempt to rid my face of any blemishes. I had no luck. 

I was so self-conscious about my skin I actually couldn't find any photos of my skin without makeup to show y'all. I wore makeup anytime I stepped foot outside my humble abode, it was an absolute necessity. I tried every concealer, praying it would magically cover up my imperfect skin. 

Finally senior year I'd had enough. I didn't want to rely on makeup anymore, and I wanted to look my best for college. My dermatologist had been suggesting trying accutane, but I had resisted, until now. In March I began my accutane journey and let me tell you, it's been a wild ride full of pros and cons. If any of you are planning on starting accutane or have never heard of it, there are lots of things you need to consider.

For those of you who don't know what accutane is, it's a very strong pill meant to completely clear your skin, but it comes with risks. The most important is birth defects. If you're a guy, you obviously don't need to worry about this. Women, however, need to show extreme caution. Accutane requires that you have two forms of birth control to insure you don't birth a child with 11 fingers or a cone head. Because you probably wouldn't be too happy, and they would probably get sued. 

Accutane also affects your body at a drastic level. It screws with your liver, making it necessary to lower your alcohol intake (if you're into that sort of thing). It also raises your cholesterol, which if you're like me and already have high cholesterol (thanks Dad), you have to consume lots of fish oil pills. Another effect is dry skin. They told me this ahead of time but I didn't believe it would be too bad. I was wrong. My skin, especially my face, needs lots of moisturizing (Cerave, you're a lifesaver). Even worse, my lips are always chapped. Not only are they chapped but they crack and peel and hurt. But lathering lots of Aquaphor before bedtime, when I wake up, and throughout the day (ok so 24/7 basically) seems to do the trick.

Personally, what irks me the most about accutane is the process to get it. This involves fasting, then getting your blood drawn, then going to your dermatologist, then taking an online quiz, then getting your prescription filled, then paying for your very expensive medicine, then picking it up. All of this for some clear skin, phew. *wipes brow*

But accutane isn't all bad. It's made a drastic change in my skin. I never wear makeup to class, whereas in high school this would be absolutely crazy; I never had good enough skin to be able to do that. It also made my summer a lot easier, not having to worry about covering up my blemishes when all I wanted to do was go to the pool. However, I wouldn't suggest doing your accutane treatment over the summer (treatments are usually between 6-9 months depending on your skin) because it makes you very sensitive to the sun, aka no tanning. So if you're looking to get your bronze on, save this pill for the winter.

Although accutane is a pain in the rear end, it honestly is worth it in the long run. I'm so much more confident, especially without makeup on. I rarely have pimples, which is wonderful. If you've tried everything in the book, or if you simply want your acne gone, talk to your dermatologist. It could be your saving grace!

If you do go the accutane route, you'll need a few things. These are essential to your accutane sucess and are all dermatologist recommended!

Have an accutane story, or a acne story? Let it be heard! I'm all ears!


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