5 Signs You're Addicted to the Internet

5 Signs You're Addicted to the Internet - seekingthesouthblog.blogspot.com

The internet has become a large controversy these days. Kids are getting on it earlier and earlier... heck I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a twitter account run by a five year old (okay, maybe I'd be a little surprised). But seriously let's face the facts. We're all a little addicted to the internet. How did you find this post? Pinterest? Facebook? Twitter? I can guarantee you wen through at least 2 social media sites to come across these words you're reading right this second. And before that you might have read a few tweets, or facebook posts, or even another blog. But there's absolutely no way in hell you typed out my actual web address from the top of your head to get here. But if you did that'd be really cool. But you probably didn't. Coming from a blogger, I kind of have to be addicted to the internet. I know that's no excuse but who's going to read a blog by someone who has not internet presence. I'm at the point were (unfortunately) I would go crazy without social media. I'm so addicted I want to make a career out of it. How insane is that?! (Now accepting internship offers wink wink) Oh what's that? You think you're not addicted to the internet? If you relate to any of these scenarios... you're probably addicted just like the rest of us.

1. You constantly have two screens staring at you at all times. Seriously. Look around you for a second. Whether it's your laptop, you tablet or your phone, I guarantee you have two of those looking at you right. this. second. Are you on a bus or in a doctor's waiting room reading this? Well I bet one of those is in your bag waiting to be pulled out.

2. You've gotten a screen-headache. You know that feeling when you suddenly get a raging headache, but you haven't been listening to any music? Yeah well that's from all the screens you've been staring at. I get these more than I'd like to admit, and I'm so horrible I'll pop a could Advil and get right back to screen-staring. Maybe you only get these headaches at work where you're "required" to stare at a screen. Well what do you do at lunch? Probably check your email, or text your friends, or read my blog (I really suggest that third one), but no matter what, you're not breaking that screen-staring habit.

3. Your "bedtime story" has become reading the recent tweets in your feed, liking facebook statuses, checking snapchat stories, and refreshing your instagram. Yes, I do this. Yes, I'm aware there are numerous studies that prove this is really bad for you. But how am I supposed to go to sleep if I don't know what's going on in all of my friends and peers' lives at every second up until I shut my eyes? Maybe when I start a good book I'll stop this nasty habit, but until I manage go out and buy Amy Poehler's new novel, I'll stick to the twitter feed, thanks.

4. You "know" people you're "friends" with on social media. You all know what I'm talking about. You see someone in public (in real life) that you recognize and suddenly you realize you follow them on instagram, but you don't actually know them. Then you realize they follow you, too. What do you do? Do you say hi even though you've never spoken? Do you act like strangers? Do you tweet at them to say you saw them? Please don't do the latter, that's just weird. But this predicament happens to me way too often. It's unbelievably awkward and I usually go with option B. 

5. Even after reading all these scenarios and laughing at how dumb I sound you're going to check instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, snapchat and tumblr immidiately after reading this, because you're addicted. Seek help. Or don't, because I like when people read my blog and I'm not looking to publish a book anytime soon.

I hope none of you think lowly of me now that you know I'm an addict. I'll seek help when I'm dead thank you very much. And now that I think of it, will someone please tweet when I die so my followers know? Please and thank you!


  1. well sad to say I do all of these hehe. Great post. xox


  2. Hahah this is so true, I can relate!

    Natalie @findingmyownvoice7.blogspot.com

  3. Screen headaches are the worst! Whenever I get one, I always step away for a few times and get something to drink until it goes away. It helps a lot at school.

    1. Aren't they?! I always end up too engrossed in what I'm doing and wait till they're horrible to do something about them.

  4. This is too funny! I used to think that I only couldn't stand using only 1 screen because at work I have 2 and I had gotten "used" to it!!! Maybe I'm addicted, heh. Who isn't these days' eh?

  5. You had me rolling with this. These are all true!

  6. I definitely fall into the category of addicted to the internet. It has gotten pretty icky, but the internet is so fun! Lovely list!
    -Amanda C.

  7. It's an endless world of fun! Thanks for reading!