A Little Dorm Inspiration

So obviously according to my last post, I’m headed to college soon. That means a new school, new city, new state, new friends… blah blah blah. Most importantly: a new room. I’ve always been a big aficionado of room decorating (fun fact: I wanted to be an interior designer until I realized I wasn’t that creative), so naturally I began to plan my dorm way back in November. Luckily, I met my roommate this spring (she’s awesome- shoutout to you Mary), and we have extremely similar tastes. After much searching on Pinterest for the perfect dorm inspiration we had it. Now, even though I leave for Texas three weeks from today (shit), we are far from being done dorm shopping. Not that I’m complaining– I practically beg my mother to dorm shop– but I’m in no shape to show off my haul. However, I’ve had some inquiring minds that want to know what the plan is. If you follow my Pinterest, or more specifically, my TCU Dorm Board, you probably know exactly what my room will look like from all 334 pins (and counting). [Public apology for my obsessive pinning.] But for those of you who aren’t as fond of scrolling for hours, I put together a little inspiration board for you to see my ideas.

Clearly, we’re going with a coral/aqua (not teal MOM)/navy color scheme with whites and natural linens. As for my side of the room (I can’t speak for the froomie) I’m a gold person (hint, hint gift givers), so I tend to buy gold accessories, like my adorable Nate Berkus Stapler from Target . I’m also drawn to clear organizers, like the makeup organizer pictured above. Although many decide to make their comforter/duvet/quilt their staple piece in their dorm, we’ve decided to get white comforters and do colorful accent pillows and a bright blanket. We’re still pulling everything together- but so far I’m obsessed. There will be massive amounts of shopping as it is Missouri’s tax-free weekend; who can pass up a deal like that?! No one. Once I get everything I will do a post– but for now, an inspiration board will have to do. Let me know if you have any dorm/college/moving tips, posts about your dorm, feedback, etc. Thanks lovies!!



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