Hey y’all! Although this specific blog may be new, I’m no newbie to the blogging world. Many of you (hopefully) have followed me here from my tumblr, which I’ve been addicted to since ’10. Before that I had some pretty horrible blogs back in middle school that probably had a total of 5 followers. So here I am, attempting some blogging that requires a little bit more effort than clicking a reblog button. (This does not mean I will stop using my tumblr!)

I’m not going to waste my first post blabbering on about me though (that’s what the ‘about me’ tab is for anyways). I might as well share a glimpse into my life. For high schoolers, its about the time to dread going back to school, but for college students, its time to rejoice! In seventeen short days I will be packing up my sweet little suburban life in Kansas and will head down to the great state of Texas, where I will be attending Texas Christian University. I’m more than excited (how about ecstatic) for this change in my life, but it has required a bit of planning.

First things first: my Lilly Pulitzer planner.
Although this is the “typical white girl” organizer, theres a reason its so popular. This thing has everything. From stickers (we’re still kids right?), to horoscopes, to monthly and weekly planners, its almost impossible to be unorganized with this bad boy. Being the perfectionist I am, I must have my planner looking adorable, which is why I spend hours decorating with washi tape and markers. Although I’ve only got my events for August written, I thought I’d share what I’ve done.

Hopefully I’ll have more to share as my preparation for college ensues, until then, feel free to follow me on all my social media, found in my about me. Have a great Monday!



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