PSA: Big/Little Week is the Best Week Ever

Currently at TCU, seeing sorority girls in masks and hoodies sneaking around the halls of freshman and sophomores is a common occurrence. As is the sighting of (well-dressed) fraternity pledges carrying guitars and sometimes flowers and gifts. Sorority new members screech with joy as they find a gift left at their door, or blush as a group of handsome men serenade them with a cover of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." While it may seem odd to people outside of the Greek community, to sorority girls all over the country this is the college-equivalent of Christmas. What I'm describing is the excitement we call Big/Little week.

Active members of sororities have been crafting all summer long in anticipation of the arrival of their little this fall. From canvases to painted letters, anything and everything goes (for examples check out my pre-mature pinterest board). With added bonuses of hand-me-down tee shirts (because you can never have too many tee shirts) and fanny packs (they're back, y'all), you'll never know what your big has in store for you.

But the best part about big/little week is knowing that at the end of it, you'll have a big sister, along with her big, and her big. Your big is there to show you the ropes. Whether in your case its how to study, what professors to get and what the best study spots are on campus, or what parties to go to, introducing you to her {guy} friends and how to stay smart & safe, big knows best.

I know by now my big is reading this and blushing hardcore because that's just who she is. But I'm not kidding y'all, my big is the best. Not only has she taken under her wing since day 1 (literally bid day), but she's constantly making me laugh, study, go out, and have fun. What more could I ask for? In addition to this, she outdid herself during big/little week.

I present to you my Christmas in September:

Day 1: TEE SHIRT TUESDAY. Who knew 1 girl could own 42 tee shirts, let alone pass them down to her little. Hats off you Big (and GBig and GGBig!!)

Day 2: Crafts on crafts on crafts. I knew my big was artsy, but DANG she's talented. I'm currently still trying to figure out where to hang all these in my dorm...

Day 3: THETA GOODIES. All Theta, everything.

I'm truly sorry if you follow me on all forms of social media and are tired of my big/little posts but its hard to be humble when you have the best big ever. I only share to 1) brag about my Big and 2) inspire some other bigs or soon-to-be-bigs with my haul. If you're still looking for more ideas check out this, this and this.

But anyway, MEET MY BIG!!!

Love you Lou!

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