Recruitment Recap

Okay they weren't kidding when they said college keeps you busy. Since recruitment has ended I've been constantly busy with Greek life, studying, socializing... And more studying. College work is no joke. On top of all of that my computer has broken (shout out to you Microsoft..) making it even more difficult to keep up here.

Anyways, I thought I'd dedicate this post to my experience with recruitment. First of all, recruitment is what you make of it. You stress about it, it'll be stressful. You have fun, you'll have fun. I knew many girls that really let the stress get to them but I also knew girls that had the time of their lives. I'd say I was somewhere inbetween. 

Here are my outfits for the week:
Day 1: Open House. Tee Shirt Day, paired with silk shorts from a boutique, Jack Rogers sandals and Kendra Scott earrings
Day 2: Open House. Tee Shirt Day, paired with another pair of shorts from a boutique, Jack Rogers, Kendra Scotts and my monogrammed necklace (available on Etsy)
Day 3: Philanthropy. Casual outfit. Unfortunately I forgot to grab a pic of my outfit when I wore it but here's a remake. Shorts from a boutique and a chiffon tank, possibly from Nordstroms? I cannot remember the jewelry or shoes!!
Day 4: Skit. Casual dress. Dress is from Francesca's (purchased 2 years ago), necklace is a copycat of a J.Crew necklace, and shoes are from Tilly's.
Day 5: Preference!! Dress is Lilly Pulitzer (purchased on sale on Poshmark!) and shoes are Nine West!

• Drink lots of water. Here in Texas it was hot at heck. Without chugging water between houses I definitely would have passed out. Make water and food your best friends
Don't have expectations. Many girls would go into recruitment expecting to get the house their mom was in, or their best friend, which doesn't always happen. Even if you're a legacy. Anything can happen.
Don't listen to stereotypes. This can be especially hard when you know many upperclassmen at your university. Maybe the house you see as "slutty" or "boring" could be your roommates favorite, or vice versa. If you listen to someone, you could potentially rule out a house you'd be perfect in. Just be careful about what you say, and who you say it to.
Make friends. This sounds super cheesy and like a mom on her child's first day of school, but it's true. Break rounds are long, and you're going to need people to keep you as sane as possible. Who knows, they could be your sister someday.
Try on your outfits ahead of time. Don't be that girl with the tiny dress because it shrunk in the wash, or the shoes that might be meant for a toddler. And break in your shoes. Please. Just do it. Bring bandaids too just in case.
Keep your options open. Maybe you had your heart set on Sorority X, but you got cut the second day. Just because you weren't a good fit for that house doesn't mean you're not a good fit for another. Go to every round, your opinions will change. A house I disliked the first day became one of my top 3 in the end. 

Those are my main tips for the recruitment process. Unfortunately, for some, the recruitment process does not turn out how they hope. I knew many girls that "dropped" this year for various reasons. This isn't frowned upon necessarily, just be sure you know what you're doing. The best advice one of my Rho Gammas (recruitment counselors) gave us was: if you would rather be non-Greek than to be in the houses you have left, drop. It's better to wait to rush in the spring or next fall (depending on how your school works) than to be miserable. Remember, it's not four years, it's for life.

Finally, I'm excited to say that I am now a part of Kappa Alpha Theta!!!! I'm incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing chapter. Here's a few pictures from Bid Day (aka the best day ever).

It was an amazing day, and the hard week of recruitment was all worth it. I love all my thistas! Hopefully when I get my life in order (and a working computer...) I'll be posting more regularly. Until next time loves.

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