Ghosts of Halloween Past

In the light of Halloween, I figured it was only appropriate that I do something Halloween related. I usually don't hesitate to post throwbacks of me.. But man these are rough. Try to hold back your scoffs and judgments.

My friend group decided it'd be so cute to be different holidays. In theory, this was a great idea. I highly suggest it to any friend groups that are looking for an easy costume. However, I decided to be the Easter bunny, which alone looks like a regular ole bunny (which is so basic) or even worse, it brings to mind a Playboy bunny. I was 14, so that's just disturbing. I'm surprised my mom even let me wear those fishnets...

First thing you'll notice is that I'm wearing the same top that I wore in 8th grade. Plot twist: it was actually a dress for a dance costume when I was 8. I grew up a little bit. You may or may not be able to tell but I was a sailor. Let's just say this was a last minute costume.

I guess my sophomore year got lost in the shuffle, but making up for that I had two costumes junior year for two parties (snaps for Emma having friends). The first night I was a Trophy Wife, so I dressed up as a housewife and carried around a little plastics trophy all night. Now this one im really surprised my mother let me out of the house because you could definitely see my uhm- undergarments. Oops. Plus it was not comfortable to be in heels and a pencil skirt all night. Night two I was a Girl Scout. Much more conservative, much comfier. Literally all I had to do was put on a white shirt and shorts and thrown on my Brownies sash from 2nd grade (how did I keep fitting it all these?!). Not the cutest costume I've worn, but definitely not the worst.

This costume was my favorite. Inspired by Queen Sarah Belle (sarahbelle93x) herself, I was a Beanie Baby! So easy, so comfy, and so cute! Literally all you need to do for this costume is dress as the animal of your choice (obviously I chose a cat) and add a giant Ty tag! Definitely suggest doing this if you're still looking for a last minute costume. I would do it again in a heartbeat (don't judge me if I do...).

Hope everyone has such a fun and safe Halloween I'm so excited to see what everyone dresses up as! I'll post what I wore after this weekend. Have any embarrassing or cute costumes you've done in the past? Comment below!

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