Top 5 Guilty Pleasures

  1. Potato chips and ranch dressing. Yeah it may sound disgusting, but its oddly satisfying. Especially if it's 2am and you've been studying all night... Wow I think I need to go work out.
  2. HGTV. My go-to channel whenever the TV is on (which is rare in room 308). I'm a big fan of House Hunters, especially House Hunters: International because I like to pretend that I'm the one buying a house on the coast of Italy.
  3. Macklemore. This guy got a lot of heat after "Thrift Shop" started playing on every radio station, but he's extremely underrated. Not only is he cute (without the mustache..) , but he has an even cuter cat (that has its own instagram, might I add!). Wait why does a cat have more instagram followers than me... 
  4. Grey's Anatomy. If you don't watch Grey's, you're wrong. Sorry. I binge watched all of the seasons on Netflix and caught up in time to watch the new season. *hint-hint don't try to talk to me at 7 on Thursdays*
  5. Cranberry juice. I'm not kidding when I say I could drink cranberry juice with every meal for the rest of my life. I'm addicted. But none of that cranberry juice cocktail s***, I might as well just chug a bag of pure cane sugar. 

Anyone else have weird addictions??


  1. 1. Ranch AND Potato chips?? Yes, sounds strange. I understand ranch dressing, because that's one of my guilty pleasures that I put on almost everything.
    2. My husband LOVES HGTV and House Hunters. He openly admitted to it as his guilty pleasure.
    3. I was the same with Grey's Anatomy. I binged watched all of the seasons before last season came on. No regrets.

    1. Ah you HAVE to try chips & ranch. I promise. I think I would get along very well with you and your husband, haha! Thanks for the comment!