3 Reasons Why I'm Not Posting a Holiday Gift Guide

Ah the holiday season, everyone is making their lists (& checking them twice) and cutting coupons in hopes that Black Friday will be fair this year. Bloggers, however, are making their annual gift guides. I've seen everything done. Gift guides for hostesses, boyfriends, bffs, teachers... the list goes on and on. You will not find such things on my blog though. And you probably never will. Why? Let me explain.

  1. We live in a very selfish society. We're all selfish, yes, me included. We want, want, want. We have lists that go on for days that have jewelry we'll wear once, electronics that are simply upgrades of our current models, and clothes that could definitely be found cheaper elsewhere. Although we claim we're focusing on giving during the holidays, does it really count if its not needed? When they call it the "giving season," they don't mean "give your husband an iPad." They mean to give to those who are in need. There are so many people that need food, shelter, proper clothing, an education... the list sadly continues. I talked a little about this in last week's STS Sunday, but I feel like this topic is appropriate for this as well. If I post a gift guide, I'm simply encouraging buying things for people who don't need them. Of course you should give to your friends and family if you're able to, but don't spend your fortunes on them, instead, save some of that to buy what could be someone's only meal for the holidays. Give to those who need.
  2. If you really need a gift guide to decide what to get someone from Christmas, should you even be getting them a gift in the first place? If you don't know what to get get your bff, are you even "bffs?" That's what I don't understand about gift guides. Some gifts should be obvious. Your mom likes reading? Get her a great book. You're going to a party and need a hostess gift? Bring wine. Some things you don't need to rely on strangers on the internet for. One of those being gift-giving advice.
  3. Am I the only one that gets really jealous and/or sad when they look at other gift guides? For instance, one blogger will post a gift guide full of lavish gifts ranging from Marc Jacobs to Tory Burch. And I'm like "I mean yeah those would be nice gifts, but I'd be lucky to get one of those, how are people buying all this stuff?" (yes I talk to myself) I guess some bloggers I follow must have millionaire followers because dang they like their luxury. Yeah buying someone a Kate Spade purse would be pretty cool, but how attainable is that? Ugh, these bloggers got me feelin' inferior. Oh, well. Just another reason I don't play this "gift guide" game.
I hope this didn't offend anyone but after seeing gift guide after gift guide on my Bloglovin' timeline, I thought it was time to voice my opinion! It's officially one week until Thanksgiving and for some us Black "Thursday" (not me!). Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I thought it was just me that couldn't afford the stuff people put in the gift guides lol.. Also I never saw the point in them because if you know someone well enough to get them a gift, then you should know what to get them, right?

    1. Exactly! So glad you agree- thanks for reading!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly! Thank you for being so honest. It's precisely the reason behind my post today. I'm glad to have "met" you!

    Stacy @ Anastasia Vintage

  3. I agree with you, beautifully written truth. I will share it with my friends and family. Thanks

  4. Thank you! I don't do gift guides, either. Who needs me to tell them what to get for their friends and family?