A Little Monday Happiness

So many reasons to be happy this Monday! Time to count our blessings and ignore the dwellings!!

– Two of my three classes tomorrow got cancelled tomorrow so I can either a) spend that time sleeping, b) working out or c) getting ahead in schoolwork. Let’s hope my motivation doesn’t choose A.

– My brother got an internship of a lifetime and will be moving to New York City next month! I’m such a proud sister, check out his work at www.maxmikulecky.com/. (Shameless sibling promotion)

– Only 8 more days until I get my warm bed, my furry cat, and my awesome family in a big hug! So excited to be home for Thanksgiving!

– It snowed last night here at TCU. Although it didn’t stick, it was pretty exciting having winter. The Californians were freaking out. A couple of my friends in my dorm have never actually seen snow fall before so it was very exciting for them.

– No tests until after Thanksgiving break, thank God. I’m so sick of the anxiety test taking brings on- college exams are so difficult! And the fact that usually our grade only consists of our tests scores is even more frightening.

So, so many more (of course) but that’s all I’ve got for now! In the mean time, follow me on bloglovin’, pinterest and instagram! Thanks for reading, have a great week!



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