How to Survive Your All-Nighter

Ah college, where studying until 2am is a nightly occurrence, coffee is a must and the library becomes your second home. Isn't it just so wonderful? Lucky for me, this has been one of those weeks. Somehow, all of my professors got together and were like "let's plan all of our exams the same week!" Okay, they didn't actually do that but how in the world did I get stuck having 4 exams one week and none the next? It's just not fair. *Cue "life's not fair" comments* Oh well. Now that I'm on month three of college (WHAT HOW), I've figured out a few things about studying that I never knew before. In high school, I was used to just getting a study guide for a test, completing it, then taking the test. College is so much different. It requires hours and hours of monotonous textbook reading, note taking and flash card studying, but I've already gone over most of that here. Okay you've figured out how you're going to study, but how are you going to survive your all-nighter?! I gotchu.


Okay, this is a given (I hope). I'm not a huge coffee person, but if you're going to stay up all night (or most of it) you're going to need some sort of caffeine. My go-to is a Chai Tea Latte, sometimes with soy and vanilla. My second choice is obviously the Pumpkin Spice Latte, but the kiosk in our library doesn't have the holiday flavors (white girls everywhere please feel for me). Seriously, if you're "not a coffee person," just try a chai tea latte. I could live off them. If you're like my Big, she goes the energy drink route for all-nighters. "Two Red Bulls, minimum, four, maximum." But on the other hand, she's a speech pathology major, in ROTC (aka 5am workouts) and obviously a Theta. She needs caffeine. My main point here is that you need to stay awake, there's no way you're pulling an all nighter if you're dosing off every five minutes.


Along with caffeine, you're going to need something keepin' your blood sugar up. My go-to is my favorite Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries. Sooooo good. (Shoutout to my mama for including these in her care package!) I'd pop a couple of these in my mouth every few minutes to keep me movin'. I'm not saying you should bring all your Halloween candy and pig out all night, I'm saying you need to find a sugary, healthy, snack to keep you going. Protein is also a great choice, hello peanut butterrrrr. Actually, just bring food in general because if you're anything like me, you'll convince yourself you need food and will die without getting some asap and will head over to Chickfila. Not good for your body or your studies. 


You're not going to be alone in the library (probably) so to avoid hearing that girl next to you attempting to flirt with her tutor (gag), bring headphones. I own both the generic Apple headphones as well as some fancy Sony wireless noise-cancelling headphones, but to be honest nine times out of ten I use my Apple headphones. They're easier to carry around, and I don't have to worry about some nut stealing them when I have a bathroom break. However, if you're one of those people who can't listen to music and study at the same time, get noise-cancelling headphones simply to make your surroundings disappear. If you do listen to music, don't listen to music with words. I don't care if you're just obsessed with Taylor Swift's new album (I am, too), you'll focus better with lyric-less music. I highly suggest the "Hans Zimmer" or "Classical for Studying" Pandora stations. I completely zone out everyone when I'm plugged into these.


Dress for comfort. No ones going to judge your fashion sense based on what you're wearing at the library in the middle of the night. Wear leggings, or pajama pants, or a big-a** tee shirt. If you're going to be up for hours, might as well be comfy. I go for the leggings-cardigan-fuzzy socks-slippers route, mainly because they like to keep our library at arctic tundra temperatures at all times. Bring a blanket if you have to. Just don't bring a pillow because you'll be napping on the floor in an hour. Bad idea.

Get excited to study!!! Just kidding, just be prepared. I wish you all the best of luck with your studies, it's no fun, I know that for a fact, but just remember that feeling you get when you receive an A on that test- whoohoo!

 What are your all-nighter must-haves? Comment below!

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