It's Beginning to Look A Little Like Christmas!

As you already probably know, I'm already getting very spirited for the holidays. My roommate (Mary) and I knew we wanted to have some extravagant Christmas decorations, but with our current layout we didn't have adequate space for a tree. Naturally this meant rearranging our room. It's still in the works but it's looking decent so I figured I'd share a couple pictures! 

This is my desk area, which now is under my lofted bed. I'm not quite sure how I feel about a lofted bed, but now we having a "living room" area, so that's pretty nice! I didn't realize how much crap I had here until I no longer had my bed to hide it under (yikes). If you're looking to have a tidy, easy-on-the-eyes room, don't loft your bed.   

This is our adorable beginning to our Christmas decorating! This is above our [currently non-existing] TV in our "living room." We found the super cute "falalalala" garland at Target as well as the hanging decorations! The string lights were found at World Market! I'm already loving how it looks and I can't wait to finish it and post more pictures!

How are you decorating your room this season? Comment below!


  1. love your cute christmas decorating!

  2. This is too cute! I wish I was at school closer to Christmas so I could decorate my room (I'm usually anti-Christmas before Thanksgiving), but I'm loving this idea! I think it will definitely be on my list for next year!