It's Only November?!


"Oh, the weather outside is frightful.." I sing to myself as it is currently 72 and cloudy in Fort Worth. Okay so maybe the weather here doesn't exactly match up with my mood but hey y'all it's finally the best time of the year. CHRISTMAS.

I really hope my Dad isn't reading this (he probably is- Hi Dad!) because he hates when we start talking Christmas before his birthday (November 20th). Sorry Dad but this year you can't stop me! I associate the holiday season with the arrival of the Starbucks red cups and the tree decorations in Target so why not get in the spirit now?! Gah, I'm so excited.

Naturally I already started a Pinterest board...

Follow Emma Mikulecky's board feliz navidad on Pinterest.

I've got some Christmasy posts up my sleeve just dying to be put to life- so stay posted. In the mean time, listen to this amazing Spotify playlist for the season.

When do you start getting in the Christmas spirit? Comment below!

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