My Brush with Fame

Last week, one of my friend here was expressing how starstruck she gets when she sees anyone remotely famous. We happened to be at the Fred Armisen show together and she freaked out when he walked onstage, further proving her point. This got me thinking how many awesome people I've been fortunate enough to meet/see throughout my days. Here's a small list of my brushes with fame (or stood very close to)!

Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle, and Paul Rudd

These guys are not only hilarious in everything they do, but they also are all KC natives (except Paul)! I was able to meet these funny three at a Royals baseball game that they were at to promote their annual charity poker tournament, Big Slick. My high school dance team got to help pass out fliers before the game thanks to two of the girls on the team who are Rob Riggle's nieces (shouts to Mallory and Chandler)! Please notice how sassy they are being in this picture.

Cris Cab

Cris an extremely talented musician, and extremely underrated. If you've never heard of him, please look up his music, he's like a young Bob Marley. Very reggae and very chill. I went to the concert a couple years ago with a few of my best friends and it was an amazing time, even though we were four of the very few people that knew his lyrics. Every ticket was put into a raffle to be able to meet him, and *surprise* I won!! Probably one of the few things I ever have, or will, win (I'm looking at you, blog giveaways..).

Rory Mcilroy

If you're one of my true friends, you'll know that I intend on marrying this man someday. I actually celebrated when he and Caroline Wozniacki broke up (I know, I'm a horrible person). Anyways, I've had my eye on this talented Northern Irish golfer for a while but my obsessed really began when I went to the 2012 Ryder Cup in Illinois and was mere inches away from Rory. He happened to his a bad shot on a hole I was watching with my dad and two uncles and we scurried to surround it to watch him hit. Definitely one of peaks of my life. (Side note: I'm a big golf fan for those of you who didn't know)

Charlie Sheen

This one was completely random and unexpected. The 2012 All-Star game was held at Kauffman Stadium (home of the Royals!!!) in 2012 and my bff Jessica (love you girl) took me! There were a ton of random celebrities there watching and our seats in the outfield happened to be right near a lot of them had special seating. This was during the Charlie Sheen scandal was going on so it was quite weird seeing him in public- but still pretty cool!

Chelsea Handler

This one was extremely impromptu. My friends and I found out that Chelsea was having a book signing in a little bookstore before her show that night. Naturally we skipped a class or two to go see her (sorry, mom). It was a little disappointed because her body guards and manager kind of rushed us through and didn't want us to take picture (of course we did anyways) but I wish we could have chatted or something.

Now I'm sure I've had a few other random occurrences that I'm forgetting but these pretty much cover the bases. Pretty weird right? I should go into celebrity stalking. Wait that might be illegal. Nevermind. 

Which celebrities have you met? Comment below!


  1. Haha, what a fun post! I love Chelsea she is hilarious. I'm stopping by with some blog lovin, happy Thursday!