Weekend Recap

Do you ever have the moments where you're just so happy and content with exactly what you're doing, where you are and who you're with? This whole weekend was one of those moments. I'm 100% positive God put me here at TCU for a reason and He's showing me reasons everyday, constantly.

Friday was just great. It was such a beautiful fall day. Even better, Fred Armisen had a show here and it was fo' free!

For those of you unfamiliar with good ole Freddy, he was one of the greats on Saturday Night Live and stars on Portlandia. He's obviously done other stuff but that's what Google is for. I'll pause while you do that.

But anyways, Fred is hilarious and absolutely sweet. He's so effortlessly funny. He took an hour and a half at least taking funny/serious/random questions from the audience, which was probably the best part. He reenacted some of his favorite characters and had some pretty great replies to question-askers. 

Did I mention I was front row? 

Afterwards I got some free pancakes (add that to the Reasons I Love TCU List) and had a really great time just hanging out in a friend's dorm watching The Lucky One (I actually highly suggest this purely for the reason that Zac Efron looks fiiine with a buzz cut). Chill nights are the best nights. 

Ah, Saturday. Game days in the Fort are great. I love watching my froggies win, especially when its again a #7 team, and the fact that it was Kansas State... it just was the icing on the cake. Also, night games are so much more fun than day games. (hint hint TCU, we need more night games next year).

In case you don't understand how amazing TCU is yet....
Pretty amazing right? Well, today, Sunday has been equally as awesome as the rest of my weekend. Started out the day with church with a few friends, yet another reason I'm so in love with this school. There are so many people that want to go to church with you and worship the Lord, and what's better than that? After a Target run and a Pei Wei lunch, I'm so satisfied. Hope everyone's weekends were as great as mine!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I agree, night games are the best! I loved night games when I was at Illinois.

    1. It's just so much more fun when you're not dying from heat exhaustion!!