How To: Clean Up Your Social Media

How to Clean Up Your Social Media -

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's almost a new year, which means a new you. No, I'm not going to go all "Jenny Craig" on you and try to convince you to start a new diet or all "Richard Simmons" and convince you to bust out those too-small biker shorts. Your new you can start without even getting up out of that desk chair we all know has a butt-imprint on it by now.

What the heck am I talking about? Your social media of course. I'm sure you all know that our society revolves around the internet, and how you can find anything on the internet, and even that once something goes up, it's there forever. Well, to my surprise, many people forget these little facts when they post every little second of their lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hell maybe even Myspace. No matter what platform it is: it's on the internet forever. With the new year, many people begin doing research on potential employees, potential new students, and even potential new members of sororities. These people are literally only looking for your flaws on social media. Are you a big partier? Maybe not very modest? Have a foul mouth? All easily attainable information with a few clicks of the mouse.

You'd be surprised what a couple tagged pictures on Facebook, a tweet or two, and an Instagram can say about a person. By now you're probably having hot flashes reading this trying to think if there were any bad pictures of you tagged at your last sorority mixer. After 4 years on dance team in high school (where social media faux pas were a no-no), being very cautious about potential colleges snooping and most importantly future sororities spying, I've got a few hints to help you tell right from wrong.
  • Are you 21 or over? Skip to #2. Are you 20 or younger? Keep reading. I think we're all very aware that in the US consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal. I know, you've heard it enough times already. While it may not technically be illegal to post pictures of alcohol on social media if you're underage, it certainly doesn't make you look good. This doesn't just stop at obvious images of a Jack Daniels bottle or a Budweiser. A red solo cup? Big red flag. Purple solo cup? Same thing. Champagne flute? That's probably not sparkling cider. If it's purpose is for alcohol, we're all assuming that's what's in it, even if it's soda. To be safe, crop any of the aforementioned items out of pictures or don't post it at all.  Even if you're not holding the beer, red solo cup, etc, it's still assumed you were drinking. It's not fair but it's the harsh reality. Maybe you're the type of person that likes to show you have a good time. Well, I have bad news for you: we don't care(Edit: This pertains to any illegal substance as well)
How to Clean Up Your Social Media -

How to Clean Up Your Social Media -

  • Ok so we discussed alcohol in pictures, but what about those post-consumption pictures? You know. That "cute" selfie you and your bff took after a few beers at the party? Or maybe your eyes look slightly  really bloodshot (and we all know you're not allergic to cats). I know y'all know what I'm talking about. Your potential employers/college/sorority isn't dumb. They know. "But wait Emma, I was seriously sober that night! I just looked drunk!" Well good luck explaining that to someone you never met who's judging you completely on your tagged photos. I'm sure they'll believe you. Better safe than sorry, friends (can you tell this is the theme of the day?)
  • You know what's not cute? Having a dirty mouth all over the internet. If you know me, you know I'm not the most conservative when it comes to my vocabulary, but that doesn't mean I'm dropping that F-bomb every tweet. Be classy. And be smart about your Facebook statuses/tweets/Instagram captions. Lucky for you I've found a little list of "no-no's" for you to clean out your feeds with. (Note: I'm sorry for what I said about Baylor. Actually, not really, but that's besides the point)
  • Be respectful. No one likes a trash-talking, negative-Nancy, arguing friend on social media. People see that stuff, and judge you. And word gets around, so keep that in mind.
You may be thinking "but that's who I am, I'm not going to change!" or "I'm not friends with anyone relevant online!" or even "that's BS!" Well, I've got news for you: you're going to have to change that mindset if you want to be any kind of successful in your life. I actually had an older family friend (who happens to be a sorority alum) stalk the heck out of my Facebook and Twitter before I went through recruitment at TCU because I did not want them to get a bad impression of me! I highly suggest doing this, she found stuff I never would've thought of, like the "you look drunk even though you weren't pictures"). Basically my point is to think before you post. 

Ever experienced a rejection because of social media? Comment your story below!

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  1. YES. Yes to all of this. It's super important to have a clean social media account.

    Zoe | Glittering Eyes

  2. Excellent points! I agree with all of them! There is already very little privacy these days because of social media and we have to be careful with what we post.. good article to keep reminding us :)