Kansas Vs. Texas

Kansas vs. Texas - Seekingthesouthblog.blogspot.com

For those of you who don't know, I've lived in Kansas all my life until I came to Fort Worth for college. You wouldn't expect two states so close to each other to be so different, yet they totally are. You wouldn't believe how many people here are surprised when I tell them that Kansas isn't in the South. LOL. Nope. We're Midwest. But for those of y'all that lack in the geography department, or simply haven't bothered to look up Kansas' demographics, all of western Kansas is basically farmland or barren. So don't travel anywhere over there or you'll be extremely disappointed. Anyway, the further east you get in Kansas, the more urban it becomes. Considering the fact that I lived 5 minutes from Missouri (about as far east as it gets), my opinions might be a tad different than farmers that live in western Kansas, so keep that in mind....

Kansas vs. Texas - Seekingthesouthblog.blogspot.com

Kansas vs. Texas - Seekingthesouthblog.blogspot.com

Pretty funny right? I think the y'all thing is the biggest change for me. But I kinda like it... it's so much faster than saying you guys... just a thought. But yeah, as much as I love Texas, I can't forget my roots in Kansas. Though I definitely don't plan on spending my life there. Have you moved and noticed some places just do it different? 


  1. When I lived in west Texas the first thing I noticed were all the buffets and that cowboy boots were prized possessions. Like you said, everyone was really nice and loved their state. I think every single commercial I heard on the radio said "Texas" and it made me realize that back home in Illinois, that would have been weird. No one has state pride like Texans. I enjoyed the time I lived there (even if it was 110+ degrees every single day).Living in Florida now is definitely a change. You were dead on with 50 degrees being cold (I'm guilty too) and if there is snow or ice, everything will shut down. I have found myself missing some of the Midwestern things (Culver's, Maid-Rite, and even snow) but am excited to try the southern soul food and fresh seafood of the coast. I think I'm going to enjoy the South, but I'm still glad i have Midwestern roots.

    1. Evon!! Totally agree, I do miss some of the midwestern things, but the south is so great!