Thanksgiving Recap

Wow can you tell I’ve been busy? It’s been an utterly hectic week of Thanksgiving family time and coming back to a very stressful week at school. Blogging has been pushed further and further down my to-do list. Unfortunately I didn’t have time this week due to traveling and homework to do a STS Sunday post but hopefully I’ll be able to do one this Sunday!

Anyway, I hope everyone had such a wonderful thanksgiving break! I definitely did. I was lucky enough to spend the holiday with my family in Kansas City- it was my first time being home since I left for school so it was definitely a great break. I felt a little like this…

Seriously how funny is that? It’s sooo spot on. (But don’t worry- my mom doesn’t have that many bowls) I loved catching up with my friends from high school- so weird I haven’t seen them since August.. it seemed like we just picked up where we left off! 

But on to the good stuff.. Thanksgiving! I’m sure it’s so irrelevant to you to know exactly what we did all day so here’s some photo documentation provided by my talented brother. (it’s nice as a blogger having a professional photographer as a brother… except he’s headed to NY so I guess I’ll have to take my own pictures now…)

Dad, stop eating the turkey!

The artist at work…

Grammy dearest is keeping a close eye on the turkey

My parents are so domestic

Isn’t it so pretty?

My mother and her crafty erasable markers…

Gathered around the table in anticipation…

The best place to watch a Horned Frog victory is from your father’s side of course! (And your napping Poppy)

One big happy family

Dad ended the day the only way logical.. a nap by the fire.

I had a great time the rest of the break bonding with my Grammy over Theta memories and secrets (sisters for life!), seeing more friends and of course eating at all the good ol’ restaurants the ones in Fort Worth don’t quite compare to (I’m looking at you Noodles & Co., Jose Peppers and Okalhoma Joe’s). Just three more weeks of stress filled days until I’m back home for a month! I honestly cannot believe how fast this semester has gone by. I feel like it was yesterday I was packing up to trek to deep in the heart of Texas! And now look at me! I’m sayin’ y’all and fixin’ to! Just kidding on the fixin’ to….. so far. 

And to my amazing family: thanks for treating me like royalty while I was home. It was so great to be able to snuggle and chit chat for 5 days. I’ll be home for Christtttmasssss! Or a little earlier I guess….

Hope everyone is having a stress-free December!



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