How to Score Free Stuff in College

Hey y'all it's been a while! Second semester has already been so hectic and busy that I've hardly had any time to sit down with my computer! But I needed to share these little tips ASAP with you!

Let's face it. Everyone loves free stuff. I don't care if you're into the free samples at Costco or free tee shirts at basketball games, no ones going to offer money for something they could get for free. Do you know who especially loves free stuff? College students. We're paying big bucks to get an education, we're paying meal plans, buying textbooks, paying for greek life... the list goes on, but we definitely don't have to much extra cash. But what if you could get stuff for free? Well here's my little secret: you can.

How to Score Free Stuff in College -

Listen Up!
You'd be surprised how much stuff your school gives away for free. They know college kids love free stuff, so they're always trying to bribe us with free food, shirts, cups, you name it. So why not take up this offer? Listen to student announcements, read the student newspaper, read your emails. I'm sure you'll be able to find multiple freebies you wouldn't have known about had you ignored your resources.

Know What You Want and Go Get It!
I'm not saying that if you want it, you can get it for free, but there's a possibility if you seek it out. For instance, I wanted to work out this week. For the first week each semester, our gym on campus offers free classes. Great resource right there. There was also a brand new spin studio near campus and they're offering free classes for the week. If you google things like this, I'm sure there will be a yoga studio or a gym offering a free trial. You just need to look.

Okay, so maybe you're not a suburban mom on a TLC reality show building a stockpile full of thousands of rolls of paper towels, but coupons are your friend. I promise. You'd be surpised how much money you'll save when you're spending $5 on something instead of $7. It definitely adds up. Check and see if your school offers an app with coupons of local restaurants and stores- TCU does and it's a lifesaver!

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