STS Sunday Bible Study Roundup

The other day was one of my best friends’ birthday and she told me she got the most amazing gift from her older brother. He is quite a bit older than her and has a family of his own so I didn’t expect him to buy her clothes that were in style or the shoes she’d been eyeing. She pulled out a little notebook and told me this: “Apparently, since my brother was 15 or so he would write anything that inspired him in a journal. Quotes, songs, ideas, you name it. For the last 3 months or so, he’s been picking out bits and pieces that would benefit me from his journal, and writing them in my own journal. He even left me spaces where I could write. He began the journal with a note from him, telling me how much he loved me.” I could tell this journal was already so close to her heart, especially since she goes to school very far from home. Immediately, I was jealous. I wish I had someone to write something like that for me. I wish I had someone to guide me with wise words and inspiration. But then I realized something. I do have something like that. I have the Bible. That is exactly what God intended it for: to inspire us, to lead us, to make us feel at home. God put all these bits and pieces from thousands of years into one compact book to show us the way, and to be our “older brother.”

I began to think how cool that was. We literally all have this personal book, from our Father, that is the ultimate guide on how to live. Right then and there I wanted to dive into the Word and explore what He was trying to tell us. What He wanted us to learn from him.  I’ve decided that my New Year goal is to read the entire New Testament this year. You might be wondering why not the whole Bible? Well, the way I think of it, yes that part is important too, but we studied the valuable parts in my religion class this semester, and there is a lot of chapters of outdated rules. I’d rather jump into the area where my Savior, Jesus Christ, comes about. I want to read about this role model, see how He lived life, and imitate it.

My problem, however, has always been how to study the Bible. It’s so hard to just open it up and read if you don’t know what you’re reading about or why it happened. Sure there are Bible options that offer more guidance but I really wanted something that would make me go more in depth. I’ve decided to do a Bible study roundup to not only help you all, but to help me as well.

Alright here are some great Bible study techniques that are found around the web. But honestly, no matter how you read the Bible, just do it. It’s like drinking water or working out, you may only drink a little water or a lot, and you may work out a little or a lot, but every little bit helps.

Kristin primarily uses the SOAP method, but has some great tips

Courtney uses the SOAK method, a little different from SOAP

Home with the Boys uses the ever so wonderful She Reads Truth

Natalie describes her method to studying the Bible

Hannah prefers a more modern approach!

This is a great inductive Bible study

Elisa has some awesome tips

I really do hope and pray some of these methods work for you. You never know, if one doesn’t, maybe another will! Have a great Sunday and hey, dive into that Word!



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