The Girl's Guide to Golf Basics

Before I even begin the girl's guide to golf basics, there's a few things you need to know about me. I love golf. I may not be good at it (actually I hardly ever play), but I love watching it and I follow the sport pretty closely. 

There's a few reasons for this. My dad loves golf and plays whenever he gets the chance. He also always has whatever tournament is on at the time on our tv constantly. I either had to leave the room and avoid golf altogether or learn about the sport and enjoy it myself. Obviously I chose the latter. 

The second reason I love golf is the eloquence of the sport. Golf requires class, patience and money. I'm no gold-digger, but something about the idea of the men who play golf has drawn me to the sport.

The Girl's Guide to Golf Basics-

One last important thing you need to know about me is that I'm in love with Rory Mcilroy. He's a 20-something professional golfer from Northern Ireland and was previously #1 in the world (yes- above Mr. Tiger Woods). I have always and will always love him. Expect wedding invitations soon.

I first saw him in person at the 2012 Ryder Cup in Medinah, IL, that I went to with my father and his two brothers. Rory happened to hit an unfortunate shot and the rest is history. History, in the sense that I forced my way close to the ball and ignored the strict no-photos-rule. Obviously we're in love. [read more about this here]

The Girl's Guide to Golf Basics-

Ok, on to the good stuff. You're probably wondering why you need to know about golf in the first place. My natural reaction is, why not? But the logical answer to this is to culture yourself. You never know when you'll need to be able to know about golf, so why not learn now? There's quite a few basics, but once you learn those you'll be good to go.

The Girl's Guide to Golf Basics-
Course: where the game is played, a regulation golf course has 18 different holes, which are referred to as the front-nine (the first 9 holes) and the back-nine (the second 9 holes)
Tee box: where you tee-off (the first hit of the ball) at the beginning of the hole
Driving range: where golfers warm up before a round, or go to practice
Fairway: the grass between the tee box and the green, the longest distance on each hole
Green: where the hole exists, it has short grass and is where the golfers want to hit
Clubs: what you hit the golf ball with. There are many different clubs, if you're purely spectating, differentiating most of these is irrelevant, but I'll describe them anyway
Driver: what you use to tee-off , it is the biggest club and hits the ball the furthest
Iron: there are 7 different irons, each used for different distances and situations. Use low-numbered irons for longer shots, high-numbered irons for shorter shots
Wedge: mean to hit the ball high and short distances, usually from a bunker (see below)
Putter: what you use to hit short, grounded, shots on the green

The Girl's Guide to Golf Basics-
Whether you're headed out to the course, watching a tournament or simply observing what the pros are wearing on tv, there's a few things you need to know about proper golf attire. 
  • No jeans, ever. Ew. No. And no "athletic" pants either (I'm talking basketball shorts or tracksuits). Always khakis or actual golf pants. Especially no cargo shorts/pants. If you're a lady and wearing shorts, make sure they're an appropriate length, tennis/golf skorts are popular too, and are actually pretty cute.
  • Wear a belt (when applicable) and tuck in your shirt.
  • You must wear a collared shirt. On most courses this is an actual rule, it's just common knowledge in golf. There's plenty of options, just don't go without one, okay?
  • Golf shoes. Yes these are different than tennis shoes. They have special features on the soles that keep you from tearing up the golf course, but still give you some traction. If you're a beginner and you don't want to go out and buy these fancy shoes, tennis shoes are acceptable.
  • Modest is hottest. Although I sound like a principal at a Catholic high school, I'm being serious. Golf is a very classy sport and they like to keep their players classy as well. 
  • For some odd reason, it's always been a "thing" to wear outrageous outfits on the golf course. I don't know who started it but it's not uncommon to see bright orange polos and obnoxious patterned pants. This is somewhat normal, so don't think these guys have just come from clown school.
  • Scoring a game of golf is opposite of most other sports. The lowest score wins. For example, a 68 is a very good score, and a 95 is not very good. 
  • "Par" is the number of shots that is the average for a certain hole. For example, a par 3 hole would take an average golfer 3 shots to get it into the hole. Birdie means you shot one under par (in this case 2 shots) and an eagle means you shot two under par (in this case 1 shot). On harder holes, such as a par 5, three under par would be an albatross (taking 2 shots). Most of you probably know that a hole-in-one is just what it sounds like, you get the ball into the hole on the first shot. 
  • There are four major championships in golf each year: the Masters (played in Augusta, Georgia), the U.S. Open, The Open (otherwise known as the British Open) and the PGA Championship.
  • Notable golfers in history: Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory Mcilroy, Sergio Garcia, and many, many more (Google is your friend).

I hope you're feeling a little more prepared to watch some golf this season (I highly suggest rooting for Rory), don't forget, the Masters are April 9-12! Don't miss it!


  1. I love this!! I played golf for the first time ever on New Year's Day and somehow managed to actually be good at this is much needed :)

    1. Well aren't you lucky!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Love this! My man is an avid golfer but I always end up completely lost!

    1. Hope I helped you out a little! Thanks for reading!

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