My Biggest Blogging Pet Peeves

Look, I'm no blog expert. I haven't even been here for a year in the blog world, however, there are certain bloggy things that really just irk me. It's nothing personal about the blog or the blogger, it's just what I think. Ready for my rant? Okay ready, set, go.

My Biggest Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. Keeping the Blogger dashboard at the top of the blog. Nothing makes your blog look more like a middle schooler's online diary quite like that little orange "B" up in the top left. Ugh.
  2. Having the Google+ comment plugin. Google+ just doesn't really make sense to me. Maybe in the future I'll figure it out and jump on the bandwagon but for now it's a no from me. So for now, just let me comment using my URL or something please. I don't need everyone seeing my non-existent Google+ posts.
  3. Comic Sans. Need I say more?
  4. Crappy pictures. Okay I may not be the next Gordon Parks but when people seriously post completely unedited, crappy quality, poorly lighted pictures I get personally offended.
  5. When fashion bloggers make it look like their lives are perfect. Maybe this one is just out of envy but seriously? You look that put together and fashionable all the time? And you have time to photograph it? Give me your secret now please.
  6. Only doing sponsored posts. You may be a super cool, hip-happenin' blogger getting all these fancy sponsors wanting you to do sponsored posts for them but when every one of your posts are sponsored it seems super impersonal and like you're only doing this for the money. Which isn't cool.
  7. Bad editing on photos. When photos are either really poorly edited or have so many stickers and shapes and words on top of them you can't focus, someone needs to enlighten the blogger. Don't let your blog look like it was run by an incompetent 12 year old. Unless you are 12. Then carry on.
  8. Copying others' posts without permission. This one just sends you to blogger hell. Don't do it. Just don't.
  9. Typos and grammar mistakes. Seriously?! You write a blog yet you don't know the difference between your and you're? You misspelled something basic? Please hire a proofreader or make your mom do it.
  10. Not being a respectful blogger. Reply to comments. Comment on other blogs. Tweet at other bloggers. Pin your blog BFFs' stuff on Pinterest. Like others' pages on Facebook. Spread kindness y'all.
Okay, that's about the end of my rant. Thanks for listening. And if I personally offended any one of y'all, I'm sorry. Some of it just had to be said.


  1. I can't stand the Google+ comment either! I never comment on those blogs because it frustrates me so much!

    1. Oh hey girl heyyyy! Love this. Where the Southern Bloggers meet! We should do a southern bloggers roundup or something!

  2. Agree Agree Agree and #5 for surrrrrre!