My New Blog Design!

Notice something different on Seeking the South?! Well, I sure hope so! I have a brand-spankin' new design and logo! After a very disappointing experience with Venus Trapped in Mars (I have no problem outing her on this one), I found an amazing designer that worked extremely fast and was oh-so very accommodating! This wonderful lady is Maru from Fashiony Fab! I seriously have nothing but good things to say about Maru and beg everyone to use her for their next blog design! She also does logos, branding, etc.

Meet Maru!
Although my beautiful new blog design was done by Maru, my new logo was done by one of my sorority sisters, Jordan Fowler! This girl was super awesome and volunteered to come up with a new logo for Seeking the South and my brand new signature. Jordan was also amazingly accommodating to my requests! She seriously rocks.

Meet Jordan!
So, what do you think? I'd love to know what you like, dislike, or miss from my old design! I'm antsy to know your opinions! Thanks for reading this super short, bragging post!

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  1. Amazing post dear!