Sell Your Clothes & Make Money!

Do you have approximately a bajillion clothes you never wear in your closet but can't seem to get rid of them? Well, friends, I have the perfect solution for you. Not only is it easy, but it's quick and you get some cold, hard cash out of it. (And no, it's not eBay!)

Sell Your Clothes & Make Money! | Seeking the South

What I'm talking about here is this magical little app we call Poshmark! Haven't heard of it? Well I'm here to explain to you why this simple app is going to change your life!

Sell Your Clothes & Make Money! | Seeking the South

I came across Poshmark last summer when I became fed up with Plato's Closet ripping me off. (Don't even get me started...) I didn't want to use the complicated & confusing eBay and as much as I wanted to donate these clothes (we donate so much each year don't get me wrong), they were very gently used and I wanted them to go to someone who just needed them in their lives. Cue Poshmark.

Poshmark is a free app where anyone can buy & sell their clothing and accessories. It took me a little bit to figure out the ropes to this app, but it's actually the most simple thing ever. In case you're wondering how it works (I know you're dying to learn by now), I'll show you the basics.

The first thing you do, after downloading of course, is build your "closet". Set up much like Instagram, you're able to snap a pic in-app or on your camera app. They even have filters available to use! (I don't like to use them though because they seem to distort the colors on my items which isn't proper advertising!!) The first pic you snap is your "covershot." Which is basically the picture everyone sees of your item. You're able to take up to three other photos of your item, which are utilized to show any worn areas, stains, details, price tags (if applicable), etc.

Sell Your Clothes & Make Money! | Seeking the South

Once you've taken your covershot and additional images, you give the item a title and description. If the product is name brand, I include the brand in the title, along with what the item is. In the description I vary what I usually say. Sometimes I add what it would be great paired with, what season it would be great for, how worn it is, any imperfections, etc. You can be as vague or descriptive in the description. Just keep in mind, the more your customer knows, they happier they will be when they get your item.

Sell Your Clothes & Make Money! | Seeking the South

Next, you specify the category, size & brand of the item. This is the pretty self-explanatory part. I assume y'all are smart enough to figure this out.

After this is the part you probably really care about: the mu-la, the green, the cash-o-la, the big bucks... ok you get my point. Here you choose what you originally paid for the item. Sometimes you realize you bought that item 5+ years ago (wait I've had this for that long?!) and don't remember what you paid for it. In this case I do my best guess, or if it's a constantly sold item I'll look up the current price online. Next you enter what you want for the item. This can get tricky because it's up to you. I usually go 50% off it's an item I've worn more than a few times (or if it has any imperfections), other than that it depends on the item. Once you enter this value Poshmark will automatically calculate the earnings you will make on your item. That's right, you don't get to keep all of the money (cue tears) but this is only because you don't have to pay for shipping! Yay!

Now it's time to post! "But Emma, they give me so many options!" Okay, you're right. First of all, it's going to automatically share to all of your followers. (Much like Instagram.) You'll also have the opportunity to share on your social media (this is the 21st century after all). One thing you might not be familiar with is the option to share to a "party." I'll explain this later.

Hooray! You posted your first item! What's next? Well, if anyone's going to see your stuff, you either need to gain some followers (I got mine by following a ton of people!) or you need to share your stuff in parties (mentioned above).

Parties are parties that happen exclusively on the Poshmark app. They each have designated times and requirements. Some accept all types of items, some only accept some brands, and some only accept some categories. This makes things easy for people who are only looking for Marc Jacobs, for example, and only want to see that brand. Parties are just another way to share your "closet" with people who don't follow you!

Sell Your Clothes & Make Money! | Seeking the South

So let's pretend you just made your first sale. Congrats! All you have to do is accept the offer, and Poshmark will email you a free two-day shipping label. Then, print it out and tape it to a box or envelope and take it to your local post office! How super sweet and simple is that? Once your customer receives their item, they will alert Poshmark and you will be paid. And guess what. No stinky PayPal, no sketchy service, they have direct deposit into your bank account. (It's safe- I promise!)

Sell Your Clothes & Make Money! | Seeking the South

Seriously I'm so in love with Poshmark. I'd love if you would check out my closet! Have you ever used Poshmark? If so, what did you think? Comment below!

(This post was not sponsored by anyone, all opinions are my own and I was not paid in any way)

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