Sophomore Dorm Inspiration

For those of you that have been around since the beginning, you might know I'm [low-key] obsessed with dorm-planning. Last year, I posted my dorm inspiration, and then what it looked like in the beginning of the year, and then what it looked like a few months later. I'm bummed I never got a picture second semester because it definitely changed! All I can show you now is the sad picture after I moved all of my junk out...

Well lucky for me I get a second round of dorm room planning! Now you're probably thinking why the heck I'm still living in a dorm sophomore year. TCU is super smart and requires you to live on campus both freshman and sophomore year. I know to some of you that sounds horrible but TCU dorms are more like luxury apartments when compared to other universities' residence halls. It also means not having to deal with landlords, electricity bills, water bills, yard work... the list goes on. Needless to say, I'm not quite ready to be a full adult yet.

I'm so excited for my sophomore dorm. I'm living in a triple with two of my best friends I made freshman year from my dorm (side note: make friends with people in your dorm!!!!!) in the newest dorm on campus. (another side note: shoutout to TCU Housing for getting us into Hays- y'all seriously rock.) This dorm is built specifically for sophomores in an apartment style. Our room will have a large living room, three bedrooms, two sink areas, a "shower room," and a "toilet room." TCU even provides a large Microfridge, a couch, a TV stand, a side table, desks and dresser drawers in each bedroom and of course the bed frame. How lucky are we?!

Sophomore Dorm Inspiration

Funny story about my future dorm. One of my best friends I've made at TCU, and my very first Theta friend got super lucky and lived in it her freshman year. (She had roommate issues and moved around) When I say she lived in my future dorm I mean literally she lived in the exact room I will be living in next year. How cool is that?! She was awesome enough to let me and my parents scope out the place to make sure I knew exactly how much room I had to work with!

So now: the inspiration. Y'all remember how super preppy and bright my inspiration was last year? Well, I've made a transition. Or maybe I've grown up. I don't know but I'm really loving a more livable, comfy, cozy, Texas-y look for next year. As much as I loved how my dorm turned out this past year, it ended up feeling too formal put-together for the craziness that comes with freshman year. I want something I feel okay with not making my bed everyday, having a bajillion friends sitting on my comforter and not having to have everything matching colors. With that being said, I present to you: my sophomore year dorm design board!

Sophomore Dorm Inspiration

I'm so antsy, I just want to start decorating! I still have a good three months until move-in, so I'll just have to continue pinning ideas. (Sorry- my room inspo board is secret!) Can't wait to share pics with y'all when it's all done in August! What're your dorm/apartment/house plans for next year? Or what did you do last year? I'd love to see! Share with my below!

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