The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Keeping an Open Mind

Welcome to my sorority recruitment series! I started this blog a year ago to help women like me through college, Greek life, and every little bit in between and I'm not slowing down now! This series is purely to help you in your search for the perfect sisterhood.

Sorority recruitment can be very stressful for a lot of sorority women. Who knew finding your BFFs could cause so much anxiety? Although I really hope that's not the case for you, it's so common and happens to most, if not all, going through recruitment. I'm here to (try) to save you from your nervous jitters.

The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Keeping an Open Mind

My third part of this sorority recruitment series is all about keeping an open mind. While this seems so simple, it's one of the most forgotten, and essential parts to have a stress-free recruitment process. When talking to friends of mine who are going through recruitment, they always ask, "Were you nervous?" and "Was it horrible?" First of all, this breaks my heart that girls are actually scared to go through recruitment. This should be an exciting time when you're getting to know girls in the sororities, making friends with other PNMs [potential new members] and getting acquainted with your new school. To answer the questions thrown at me, I respond, no, I was not that nervous, and no, it was not horrible. I think the worst part for me was the heat. (Texas is actually hotter than hell in August.) Why wasn't I nervous? Why wasn't it horrible for me? I can attribute this to keeping an open mind throughout it all.

Like I said above, this sounds so simple. But you'd be surprised how many people let their beautiful little minds get clouded with so many opinions of others that they become focused on houses they do, or don't, want to be a part of. Often this case is due to mothers and/or sisters of the PNM. Maybe you're a legacy to a house, or your sister is in the house currently. This can put a lot of pressure on the PNM. Although in certain schools you get a leg up for being a legacy, this doesn't mean you have to be a part of that house. If your mother or sister, or even grandmother or aunt is putting certain pressure on you to be in a house you're not sure you want to be a part of, it's important to talk with them and explain that this is your personal decision and you want to make it without the pressure they're putting on you. After hearing this, they'll back off. This can be a little hard to do with a loved one, but better having the conversation than accepting a bid to a house you're not in love with. While it may sound "cool" or "special" to share a sorority with a family member, this is only special if you're as in love with it as they are. If you're not, it's time to start a legacy of your own!

Another roadblock to an open mind is often friends that are already in sororities at your school. (This does not apply to sophomore PNMs- I'll get to that later!) Say, for example, your BFF from high school is a year above you. I'm sure you're both ecstatic about ruling another campus together just like the glory days, but college is a time to not only find yourself, but to also be independent. If you follow your BFF's path simply because she has convinced  you to, she is not being a good friend. A true BFF would want you to find your own home, one where you feel comfortable and happy. If she is doing anything but this, you need to reevaluate your motives. Are you choosing a house based on your BFF? Has what your BFF said about any of the houses altered your decision? If you answered yes to either of these questions, tell that BFF of yours that this is your recruitment and you will make your own decision. 

A third cause of an opinion-clogged mind is from boys. Talk about cooties, right? Well surprise! No boy (and I'm not using "man" for a reason) has been through recruitment, nor have they been a part of any sorority, so they have zero reason to affect your recruitment decision. This means any boy giving you recruitment advice (other than "keep an open mind!") is not a credible source whatsoever. Maybe you're talking to an old friend from high school, or a big brother, or even *cringes* an over-opinionated father, and they begin to tell you the reputation of a certain sorority. This is right when you interrupt them, and in the politest way possible, you remind them you're not interested, and you can't wait to get to know the girls yourself. This should probably shut them up, or at least make them feel super awkward. Oh well. *flips hair and walks away*

The last mental constipation (omg why did I think that was a good metaphor) is from the girls who should be the last to be opinionated on sororities: your fellow PNMs! That's right, even the girls who are in the exact same position as you will be gossiping during break rounds, chatting in the dorms each night and texting away in your GroupMe's. Maybe they've heard the opinions of the three above culprits, and are relaying the information. While it's good to be making friends with the other PNMs, it's never good to be talking about the reputations/rumors/stories/etc. about any of the sororities. You never know where their information came from, and most of the time it's 0% true. I think this was the hardest part of keeping an open mind for me during my sorority recruitment process. I loved getting to know the girls between each "event" but it often came with the price of hearing rumors about houses. To avoid being rude or antisocial during these moments, you just need to constantly remind yourself that these opinions are not your own, and you have no idea if they're true or not. Even better, remind your peers of this! Change the topic smoothly by complimenting someone's outfit, talking about this summer's Bachelorette, or simply asking about their hometowns. You barely know these girls so anything is fair game! Use it to your advantage!

Hopefully by now, you realize how important and easy keeping an open mind is! This simple fix before and during your recruitment process will alleviate loads of pressure on you and you will have such an easier and overall, more enjoyable recruitment!

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