The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Am I Right For A Sorority?

Welcome to my sorority recruitment series! I started this blog a year ago to help women like me through college, Greek life, and every little bit in between and I’m not slowing down now! This series is purely to help you in your search for the perfect sisterhood.
Sorority recruitment can be very stressful for a lot of sorority women. Who knew finding your BFFs could cause so much anxiety? Although I really hope that’s not the case for you, it’s so common and happens to most, if not all, going through recruitment. I’m here to (try) to save you from your nervous jitters.

The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Am I Right For A Sorority?

So you’re probably a month and a half away from going through sorority recruitment, how exciting is that? Well, you might not be as excited as I am, and that’s okay. Seriously. Some girls don’t understand all the hype behind going through recruitment while some have been giddy all of senior year. One big question girls have before recruitment isAm I right for a sorority? To answer that simply: yes. If you’re a female in college you are right for a sorority. And no, I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. There’s a place for everyone if you keep your mind open and you stay true to yourself. Don’t believe me? Read on.

“I’m Not A Lilly Pulitzer-Loving, Makeup-Wearing, Sorority Stereotype”
I’ve heard this problem way too many times, where girls see all of the stereotypes in movies, on TSM ( and from Pinterest. Well guess what. There is no cookie cutter-type for sororities because each chapter is different. One of my best friends from home is the pure opposite of the “TSM Sorority Girl” stereotype. She loves skulls, tie-dye, hiking and going makeup-less most days. Yet, she is in an awesome sorority with many girls that are just like her. There are no requirements for being a sorority girl, other than being a girl, of course.

“I’m Not Rich”
I’m not sure if it was the lovely lifestyle Elle Woods, or the rumor that you have to have the ‘right’ clothes to be in a sorority, but for some reason, many girls have in their pretty little heads that you have to be ‘rich’ to be in a sorority. This is also a false statement. While sororities do have dues most of the time, it’s no different that being in another club on campus. Most of the time, the expensive part of being in a sorority is buying the tee shirts, gifts for your little, Spring Break trips, etc. All of which are optional so being in a sorority is almost always as expensive as you make it. If the dues are truly what keeps you from a sorority, be sure to speak with the president of the chapter and explain your situation. I have no doubt she’d love to help you join their sisterhood no matter what.

“I’m More of A Guy’s Girl”
Were you always hanging with the guys in high school, or you were raised with a lot of older brothers? Just because you grew up with the ‘bros’ doesn’t mean you have to change that in college. Maybe you didn’t have many girl friends before but college is a time when having 200+ girls is a little more than comforting. Besides, many of the guys you’d be hanging out with will be busy with pledgeship for their fraternity or practice for intramurals so you might as well meet some girls while you’re at it!

“I’m Not Smart Enough”
While there are many negative stereotypes about sorority women, my favorite positive stereotype is our intelligence. Yes, it’s true, most of us are pretty smart. And yes, most sororities have a required GPA to become, and continue to be a member. One of my absolute best friends had this issue due to extenuating circumstances during her senior year. While she was more than perfect for any sorority, her grades just didn’t make the cut during recruitment. But because she was determined and dedicated during first semester, it all paid off with an amazing GPA that enabled her to participate and pledge a sorority during Spring recruitment! So, if you’re in the same predicament, keep your head up and aim for Spring or the next Fall’s recruitment!

I hope I convinced you that you (yes, YOU!) are perfect for a sorority! Have any other concerns or questions? Feel free to email me at and let me know what’s on your mind! New to my recruitment series? Check out my other posts here!



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