10 Reasons Why You Should Make Friends In Your Dorm

When I moved into my adorable little dorm last August, I had no idea what those halls would mean to me. I knew that when my brother was in college he made great friends in his dorm but I was unsure my experience would be the same. I knew my roommate from a little online dating, to meeting the previous April, then finally orientation. We were pretty close already so I was confident life in a dorm wouldn’t be completely hell. I assumed that if I got into a sorority, those would be my BFFs in college. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my sorority sisters. I’ve met so many amazing people that I can’t wait to live life with and hopefully be my bridesmaids someday (if that ever happens, lol). But to my surprise, my first BFFs in college all lived within 50 feet of me. That’s right, my dorm-mates. I guess, more specifically, we were hall-mates because not only did we live in the same dorm, but we all lived in the same hallway.

Notice my roommate looking 'adorable' in the top right
One of the first things you do in your first days of school is a mini-orientation with your RA (resident assistant). These are essentially the “hall monitors” of the dorm. You sit in a big group with a bunch of strangers that live in the rooms next to you, and go over the rules about alcohol and noise, and that sort of thing. As much as I rag on him in our GroupMe, our RA was actually pretty cool. (You’re welcome, Mike.) And yes, I had a male RA because our hall was co-ed due to our suite-style rooms (no community bathrooms). Anyway, the only person I knew at this awkward gathering of college freshmen was my roomie, Mary, and my fiery-haired RA, whom I’d met earlier.

Go Frogs!
I think it took all of about 24 hours for all of us to finally socialize. I’d like to think this was because Mary and I had a doorstop propped in our door, making it super casual to walk into our room and chat. However, I think the real reason for our hallway bonding was rather, hmm, eccentric. Long story short, we were convinced that the room above Mary and I was participating in some, er, intercourse. Naturally,  the mature thing to do in this situation was to bombard their door with sticky notes with suggestions to quit the sex. Clearly we’re wise beyond our years.

Wow ignore the horrible redeye editing
And the cheesy thing to say now is, ‘and the rest was history.’ But that is actually appropriate in this situation. I would consider my relationship with my hall-mates similar to that of a corny RomCom. A few of us are in sororities, it was 80% female, we had a Ugandan, 2 track athletes, 3 members of the women’s rifle team, 2 members of the equestrian team, a member of the band, a member of the rugby team and a member of the ultimate Frisbee team. Needless to say we were a very eccentric bunch. However, these were, and are my people. They’re who I go to dinner with, who I’m constantly texting in our GroupMe, who are my best friends, and even who are my roommates for next year.

Drive-In night with my BFFs
By now you’re probably wondering why I just told you my love story about my dorm. Well, because I urge anyone headed to school and living in a dorm next year to please become friends with your those in your dorm. Let me give you a few of the many reasons why:

  1. It’s so much less awkward to walk down the hall to your dorm and be able to not have awkward eye contact with someone you live by for a year.
  2. It’s also so much less awkward to [politely] yell at them to shut up because you’re busy studying. Because, you know, friends do that kind of thing.
  3. What’s better than having 20 different options to eat with at any time of the day.
  4. When your parents visit and ask who the ‘girl that was so sweet on move-in day’ was, you can say you’re friends with her, instead of not knowing her name.
  5. Actually knowing a few more friendly faces on campus, and in your classes. You’re not going to survive with just your sorority sisters, trust me.
  6. Movies nights are easily accessible in a minute’s notice.
  7. When your roommate isn’t home, but you need to vent, you’ll always have someone (shoutout to JJ and Mark).
  8. When you forget you had a load of laundry in the wash, you have someone to put it in the dryer.
  9. Sometimes staying in in college isn’t that bad, or bad at all. It’s actually pretty fun most of the time.
  10. And finally, you’ll make some of the most amazing and genuine friendships you’ve ever had.
We dropped our RA immediately after. (He deserved it.)
Okay yes that got a little cheesy towards the end but all of those reasons were 100% true and did happen at one point or another throughout the year. So now you’re probably wondering, omg, how do I make these cool dorm friends you had? What if they don’t like me?! Well first things first: its college. Everyone is dying to make friends. Doesn’t matter who you are. They just want to know more people. So don’t worry. Secondly, how, you ask? Two things: open doors and & communication. Seriously. It’s so intimidating to go knock on someone’s door to meet them, but if you’ve already got your dorm open, you’ve taken the hard part out. Boom. Now, communication. If you’re a quiet, introverted one, there’s always those outgoing extroverts that will introduce themselves to everyone. At least that’s what happened for me. If you are the extroverted one, you have the very important job of meeting everyone. Good luck.

Wow I miss these people
Seriously though, you will not regret this. Make friends with people in your dorm!

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