5 Things to Do Before Your First Day of College Classes

It's your first day of school. But this first day of school is different than all of your other first days of school. Your mom didn't try to take your picture on your front porch, your dad wasn't in the kitchen reading the morning paper, and you're not even sure you know where you're supposed to be going. This is your first day of college classes and you're terrified. Hopefully that's an exaggeration, but for many it's not! The first day of college classes can be scary. You're in a new town, maybe even a new state, you might only have a handful of friends, your classes are suddenly in different buildings, there are hundreds of students speed walking to their classes and you don't have someone to eat breakfast with in the union. This all sounds pretty scary, but if you listen to a few of my tips, that first day will be a breeze and you'll be laughing that you were ever nervous.

5 Things to Do Before Your First Day of College Classes

1. Get your schedule and walk your classes
This one was a lifesaver for me. Your campus is probably big and has many, many buildings that all look similar and have weird names. My campus isn't even that big, and I was still confused so I can't even fathom trying to navigate my way around a big state school. The day before classes, or even a few days before, figure out where your classes are in order so you can create a "flight path." If you follow a set "path" your first day, you won't look like a chicken with your head cut off. If you can, go inside the buildings and find the actual classroom or lecture hall. (One building on TCU's campus is practically a maze, so I was so thankful I had wandered around before any experienced upperclassmen were around.) What will help you even more is if you get someone older to show you around your classes. This could be a new sorority sister (that's what I did), your orientation leader, your RA or even just someone who's super nice and looks inviting. If you're not able (or bold enough) to ask any of these vets, try to get a group together of other freshmen and go through each of your schedules. Who knows, you might even find out you have classes together!

2. Find some "buddies"
Whether this is your roommate, new sorority sisters, your hall mates, etc., find someone to eat breakfast and lunch with you, check to see if you have any classes together, and figure out when they're done for the day (so you can get some Starbucks and celebrate surviving your first day!). Even if you don't have all your classes with someone you know, at least you'll have something to look forward to later in the day.

3. Pick your outfit and pack your backpack
Okay this totally sounds like I'm talking to a toddler but this will save you some unnecessary first day of school stress. If all you have to do is throw on some makeup and brush your teeth, there will be no lateness or worrying if your outfit is okay or not. At TCU, it's a tradition for everyone who just pledged a sorority to wear their Bid Day shirt on the first day so you can find your sisters in every class. I loved this idea and it definitely calmed many nerves the first day. I even made a few more friends out of it. Dress comfortably and confidently so you will be confident all day!

4. Get some sleep
Once again, I probably sound like your mom but sleep makes all the difference (one of the many things you'll learn in college). The first day of class is not the time to be dozing off. Your professors will be explaining their policies that you'll want to know later on (aka their attendance policy).

5. Relax!
This is a no-brainer but the first day of college classes is not as scary as you think. Everyone on campus has been there before and will not judge if you realize 15 minutes into a class it's the wrong class. Sitting alone while eating isn't frowned upon and everyone just wants to make friends. Just remember these and you'll realize you're all in the same boat!

Let me be the first to welcome you to college! If you do these five things you'll be perfectly prepared for the first day of your college classes, I promise. As always, feel free to email me anytime at seekingthesouthblog@gmail.com if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help! What is your advice for college first-timers? Comment below!

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