5 Things to Leave at Home When Going Away to School

Are you starting to pack for college but have limited space? Is your dorm approximately the size of a shoebox? You’re going to have to cut back on what you bring to college, but where do you start? I’m here to help. It’s hard, but here are five things to leave at home when going away to school.

5 Things to Leave at Home When Going Away to School

1. Your cold-weather clothes. Unless you’re going to school somewhere that starts getting chilly in September, leave your bulky sweaters and boots at home. This will save you a ton of room and it’s easy to switch out your seasonal clothes during either fall break or Thanksgiving break. Worse comes to worse, your parents can ship up your goods when the time comes. (That’s what mine did!)

2. Every pair of shoes you own. A great way to measure this is if you have worn the shoes within the last 12 months. If you have, put them in one pile, if you haven’t, set them aside. Then from the ‘worn’ pile, see if there are any similar-looking shoes (i.e. two pairs of combat boots). Choose your favorite and leave the other behind. Continue doing this until you’ve cut your collection in half, and take those to school with you!

3. Books. So you might know by now you’re not going to have a lot of space to work with, so why take up valuable space with books? Nowadays we have these amazing things called Kindles and iPads that make it so easy to have hundreds of books in one place. If you’re a big reader, an e-reader is a great investment for college and will save you a ton of room!

4. ‘Multiples.’ What I mean when I say ‘multiples’ is having the same item in multiple variations. For example, I brought three or four purses to college, all in a similar color. I ended up only using one of them all year and could’ve left the others at home. Be realistic when you’re packing these things, are you really going to need four chevron scarves, or could you live with one or two? These decisions could save you room.

5. Anything high school related. You’re in college now. Out with the old, in with the new. You may have been most spirited in high school (I know I had quite a big of spirit) but you’re in college now, so this means leaving your high school tee shirts, sweatshirts and accessories at home. Maybe bringing a tee shirt or two and a sweatshirt for sleeping in, but other than that, you’re going to want to show off your new school pride, instead of being a ‘high school hero.’ And if you pledge a sorority, you’ll practically have tee shirts coming out of your butt and you’ll need all the room you can get.

I hope this helps you when deciding what to pack and what not to pack for college! I know last year limiting my load was a difficult task, I felt like I needed to bring my whole life with me. I was wrong and I sure wish I had this list a year ago! Have any questions about packing for college? Comment below or email me at seekingthesouthblog@gmail.com.



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