Limited Too is Coming Back!

I'm part of a lucky generation. I grew up without any iPads, iPhones, or Netflix and instead spent much of my time with American Girl dolls, watching Disney Channel Original Movies and shopping at ridiculous stores such as Limited Too. Well, recently news broke that Limited Too was making a comeback! I think my 8-year-old self practically jumped for joy.

For those of you unfamiliar with the demise of Limited Too, the The Limited tween-aged spin-off closed their [586] doors in 2008, making way for their sister-store, Justice. Although once siblings, the new Limited Too will compete with the 1000 Justice stores currently operating (due to a ownership change).

So why exactly is LT2 coming back? Well as stated in this article, those who were Limited Too's fans are now becoming mothers (clearly I am on the younger edge of this generation) and according to Goldman Sachs, parents spend around $1 trillion on their kids. So yeah, Limited Too obviously has a few marketing geniuses.

Here's me rocking a hat from Limited Too:

Who thought those hats were ever a good idea and who let me buy one? (I'm looking at you, mom)

And in my opinion, here are a few things that should also come back with Limited Too's revival:

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies (before their teenage angst years)

2. Club Libby Lu

3. Lizzie McGuire

 4. "Art Stuff" from Bath and Body Works

5. Jesse McCartney

Now that's some serious nostalgia. I feel like I've been transported back to 2001 and I'm really not mad about it at all. Raise your hand if you'll be 'just checking out' the new Limited Too stores coming next year! What are your favorite memories from the Limited Too era? Comment below!

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