The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Small Talk

Welcome to my sorority recruitment series! I started this blog a year ago to help women like me through college, Greek life, and every little bit in between and I'm not slowing down now! This series is purely to help you in your search for the perfect sisterhood.

Sorority recruitment can be very stressful for a lot of sorority women. Who knew finding your BFFs could cause so much anxiety? Although I really hope that's not the case for you, it's so common and happens to most, if not all, going through recruitment. I'm here to (try) to save you from your nervous jitters.

The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment: Small Talk

New to this series? Well, check out my other posts here! Alright, so today's post is all about probably the most nerve-racking part of recruitment (at least it was for me): the small talk. Let's be real here for a second. Sorority recruitment is basically a week full of small talk with girls you've [probably] never met before. To me, this was my terrifying to me! What will I talk about? What if I don't know what to say? What if it's awkward? You might be having these thoughts too. Lucky for you, I've compiled some great speaking points and tips for sorority recruitment small talk!

What's important to remember first and foremost is that the sorority member has probably been trained on what to talk about. She should really be leading the conversations and be asking most of the questions. So take a deep breath and remember she is probably more nervous than you are. Remember, she wants to impress you!

Next, it's time to focus on what to talk about each day. Each day of recruitment has a different theme and the sorority members will be focusing on that theme, and so should you. Typically, the first day is for you to get to know the sorority and for the sorority to get to know you. You will get very tired of reciting your major, hometown, activities in high school... you get my point. Even though you'll say them over and over, act as if it is the first time every time. They want to know that you're proud of where you're come from and you're excited about your major. Also, be prepared to answer follow-up questions about these basics such as: why you chose your major, what you want to do after college, your favorite activity in high school, etc.

Sorority women also want to know why you want to be in a sorority. Don't say it's because your mom wanted to, because you'd be bored otherwise, because you want to party or because you want to meet boys. Those are all big no-no's. Do tell them honestly what makes you interested, whether it was your [biological] sister's experience, the amazing things you've heard about sisterhood, the philanthropic opportunities, or the community involvement.

So once you've gone through talking about the basics (these rounds are pretty fast so you'll probably only get three or four question & answers in with each girl), the next round is philanthropy. Guess what you should be talking about? That's right: philanthropy. Sororities want to know why you care about the community and what you did in high school that made a difference. You'll be doing a lot of community service through your sorority so they want to make sure you're dedicated! This is no time to be humble, ladies. Talk about anything and everything you did related to community service and the sorority ladies will be wowed. This is also the time to ask the sorority if they're directly involved with their philanthropy (working with the kids, homeless, etc.) or indirectly involved (donating money). Another great question is how many events they put on for their philanthropy per year. Some have just one and some have something every semester! This day might be a little emotional for some, depending on you and your connection to the philanthropy, and that's okay! We're girls. We're way too used to emotions.

Other days of recruitment definitely vary depending on your school. One day might be house tours, where you should be asking about when you have the option to live-in, what it's like to live-in, etc. Another day might be about your leadership skills. This is another day to brag about yourself. Spill every leadership role you had in high school and briefly explain what you had to do in these roles. A good idea is to ask if there are opportunities for you to be a leader in their chapter and how soon that would be possible. You want to show the sorority you are a leader and college isn't about to change that about you.

Those are the basic speaking points, but if you're just not satisfied yet, here are some [totally safe] questions you can ask!

  • What's your favorite part about your chapter?
  • What's your favorite event each year?
  • Do you have study hours?
  • How hard is it to balance Greek life and school?
  • Tell me about your intramural sports.
  • What are other things y'all are involved in on campus?
  • How did you know ____ was the chapter for you?
  • How involved is this sorority on campus?
  • What is the average GPA of this chapter?

I remember how awkward and nervous I was during recruitment but if I had known these I probably would have been a little more at ease! A good thing to remember is that if the conversation is super awkward, it's probably not the sorority for you! 

Keep an eye out for more recruitment posts! Now, sorority women, what tips do you have for recruitment small talk?

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