Help! What Clothes Do I Bring to College?

Packing for college isn't easy. That's no secret. You know it. I know it. Your mom knows it. One of the major parts of packing is clothing. Last year, I brought too much and a lot of it I never, ever wore. Some of it I only needed seasonally. Well, seeing as how I leave for sophomore year at TCU tomorrow (*gasps*) I figured I'd help y'all out with how I packed my clothes this year knowing what I know now.

Help! What Clothes Do I Bring to College?

Before I even start, be sure to alter this method to yourself. Maybe your school is somewhere where it's cool all year round, or vice versa. Pro tip: have a self-standing clothing rack (just a cheap one from Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond will do) to organize your clothes on. These racks are usually the same size (or, sadly, bigger) than the average dorm closet, so it can really help you visualize how much you have.

First, you'll need to create some categories. Mine were dresses/rompers, casual shirts, nicer shirts, bottoms (jeans, nice pants, skirts), shorts, cold weather and donate/sell. I knew that if I took everything out of my closet to organize it would help me make some rash decisions. Here are some tips that I kept in mind while picking and choosing:

  • Theta has formal chapter every week. That means no denim, no shorts, no casual stuff. I love wearing casual dresses to chapter because they're easy to throw on quickly and relatively a no-brainer when it comes to styling. So I was sure to bring all of my casual dresses. (Note: not all sororities are like this, in fact we're the only one at TCU that does this)
  • Texas is hot. Thank you captain obvious. Well, this means it's pretty dang steamy until October or even later, so there is no point in taking my cold weather stuff. My parents will be down for Parent's Weekend in September, I'll be home for Fall Break in October and again for Thanksgiving in November so there's plenty of opportunities to grab my sweaters and flannels then. (Worse comes to worse, my lovely mother is always willing to ship me clothes I'm in need of, isn't she sweet?)
  • If I didn't wear it last year, I'm not gonna wear it this year. It's the number one rule when closet-cleaning. If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it. So I either put those clothes back in my closet at home or threw them in the donate/sell pile. 
  • Only bring a couple of formal dresses. I don't know if I was overly-confident that I'd be asked to multiple formals last year (don't worry, I wasn't lol), or I just wanted to bring everything I owned, but I brought way too many formal dresses. You realistically need 2-3 formal dresses per semester (well, at least at TCU). If you are lucky enough to be asked to more formals than dresses-owned, what a perfect opportunity to borrow from your sorority sisters or roommate! 
  • "Going Out" clothes > casual clothes. I don't know if this is just a Texas thing, but the only thing we wear to class/during the day is oversized tee shirts and Nike shorts or leggings. This means you don't need to bring all of those blouses and oxfords meant for class. Instead, save that precious room for clothes you will wear on the weekends at parties, etc. (Note: one of my goals for this year is to not look completely homeless in class so we'll see how that goes.)
  • Athletic clothes. Obviously, the Freshman 15 is real. This is not a time to cut back on your sports bras and running shorts, ladies. However, maybe you played golf occasionally in high school. Don't bring your fancy-shmancy polos to school if you might golf once. Nope. That's precious closet space. If you must, bring one
After paring down my closet for school, I was actually quite satisfied with myself. Everything (well, almost everything) fit on my clothing rack, which means it will [hopefully] fit in my new closet! Another bonus to extra closet space? Being able to shop with your mama during Parent's/Mom's Weekends. (wink wink) If you want to know more about what not to bring, check out my post here, and for tips on how to pack for school, check out these tips here! I hope these all helped! 

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