Dorm Contest Winner!

A few weeks ago I announced an exciting contest for my readers, the cutest dorm contest! I wasn't really sure how it would turn out but I was astounded when I began to see submissions roll in! It's true, y'all: my readers are the best. Well, it wasn't easy, but I had to choose one winner. All of the dorms were so dang cute this wasn't an easy decision at all!

Jami and Christina, Baylor University
How adorable is their room, though?! Loving the white bedding and gold/pastel details! It was hard for me to choose a couple Bears (Baylor vs. TCU rival is real, y'all), but I had to make an exception!

Like I said above, all of the dorms sent in were adorable and I'm so excited to show them off! As promised in the original post, all entrants will have their photos shared on my Pinterest & Facebook pages!

Carlie, Oklahoma State
Bridget, K-State

Cassandra, Penn State

Caylen & Lindsey, Winthrop University


Connor & Ashley

Elena, Elon University


Hailey, Oklahoma Christian University

Heaven, Stetson University


Libby, University of Kentucky


See, I told you they were cute! Thank you thank you thank you for everyone who entered! Once again, be looking out for the pictures on Facebook and Pinterest!

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