Happy Birthday, Mom!

Y'all. Today is an important day. Practically a national holiday. Today is my mother's day of birth. If you know my mother you know why this day is important. Mainly because she is important. And awesome. If you don't know my mother, you probably should get to know her. Because she rocks.

My mom is my BFF. I probably call her at least once a day, and when we're not on the phone together, we're probably texting. She knows all my problems, all my triumphs, all my random thoughts. Being away at school has truly shown me how much my mom means to me, and all she did for me when I lived at home. But with that, it makes going home just that much better. I know when I get home, a bottle (or two) of moscato will be chilling and my favorite foods in the fridge. She just gets me.

In honor of this special day, I've decided to share just a few reasons that I love my mother
  1. She's more artistic than I'll ever be. She can draw up just about anything and her calligraphy is to die for.
  2. She makes sure I never leave the house looking like a total idiot (even if I think I look totally fashionable)
  3. She loves my cat as much as me, possibly more
  4. Her Target addiction is just as real as mine
  5. .... and her Pinterest addiction
  6. She's an incredible cook. Just ask her to make some pork tenderloin mmmmmmmmm
  7. She'll sit with me and watch whatever I'm watching on Netflix
  8. She's super fit... seriously she works out more than I do (& looks amazing might I add)
  9. She shares her clothes and jewelry and shoes with me
  10. She's always encouraging my faith- going to church with me, praying for me, etc.
  11. She's constantly organized
  12. She sends me love-filled care packages at school
  13. She understands my flaws
  14. She encourages me to do best but understands when I screw up
  15. She doesn't judge when I tell her outrageous stories from school
  16. She sat through 48934803 dance recitals, competitions and rehearsals throughout my younger years
  17. ... and she never became a psycho dance mom
  18. She keeps our family sane, organized and functioning
  19. She doesn't spoil me rotten, teaching me that I can't get everything I want
  20. She lets me cry on her shoulder when girls are mean, when boys suck, and when school gets just a little too stressful
  21. She dealt with my middle school phase
  22. She's a second mother to all my friends
  23. She's absolutely hilarious even when she doesn't mean to be
  24. She let me move to Texas even though I know it was so hard for her
  25. She loves me absolutely unconditionally

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you so much! Have the best day ever, I'll see you at Thanksgiving!

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