How to Absolutely Kill the Pinterest Game

When people first follow me on Pinterest, usually the first thing they say is "how the frickle frack (or, you know, something like that) do you have that many followers?!" I mean, yeah, if I were stalking me I'd probably say the same thing. It's an insane amount of followers for someone who literally has a board entitled "cat lady."

*whispers* Come closer. Closer. LEAD CLOSER TO YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN DAMNIT. Okay good. Hi. Well, I'll tell you how I got so many followers. Step one: follow me. Hahaha sorry I totally had to throw in some self promotion. (Seriously though, follow me.)

TIP #1: Be patient.
I KNOW, WORST ADVICE EVER RIGHT?! It sucks. But it's so true. I've had my Pinterest for probably 5ish years. That's like enough time to birth it, teach it to talk and teach it to walk. It takes time okay?

TIP #2: Pin. A lot.
This one's super easy for me because I practically have a diagnosed obsession. If I'm on my computer, I probably have a Pinterest tab open. If I'm on my phone, Pinterest is in my social media rotation (we all have one). If I'm watching a movie, I'm probably pinning at the same time. If I'm doing homework, I'm pinning. Wait shit do I have ADD? Shit.

TIP #3: Pin original shit.
Maybe this is just a personal opinion, but I hate when I'm casually stalking a random pinner and all I see is the basic: "100 Super Cool Hacks You've Never Heard Of!", "Make a brownie in a mug!" and the oh-so-classic inspirational quote that no one cares about. I'm not going to follow you if you have that shit. I promise you're never going to need all of those inspirational quotes, unless they're about alcohol. Then definitely pin them.

TIP #4: Pin stuff you like.
If you literally pin anything and everything and have like 10000 boards and 30394035903 pins I'm not even going to bother looking at you. That's just absurd and should be banned. Have some standards in what you pin. I love when I can read someone's personality based on what they pin. So be selective!!

TIP #5: Fill those boards.
When people have a board that has 3 pins in it I'm just like: why. Why is that necessary. Throw it in another board. If your board has only a handful of pins maybe you need to rethink your organization of your boards and combine some.

TIP #6: Change the automatic board names
"Favorite Places & Spaces?" More like "I'm not even going to look at this board." Be creative. Or don't even be creative!!! Mine is home {interior}. Not that hard! Just make it your own.

TIP #7: Have them in an order
In case you haven't noticed, every time you create a new board, it automatically goes to the bottom of your profile. We all have a favorite board, or at least a board we pin to the most. Move that one to the top because you'll get more traffic.

After telling you all of this crap, this may sound a little contradicting, but Pinterest is not about the followers you have. Seriously. Unless you're a business trying to sell a product, Pinterest followers do. not. matter. You're there to procrastinate, waste time, make mood boards, whatever. Not to gain followers. Just have fun, okay?

I'll get off my soapbox now. As you can tell, I'm a full-blown Pinterest addict. I could care less if I have 7000 followers or seven. It doesn't matter. I'm going to keep pin-pin-pinning away. And while you're at it..... follow me.

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