Mary Kate and Ashley are the Queens of Halloween

If you're anything like me, you grew up watching Mary Kate & Ashley's adventures in everything from Billboard Dad to Passport to Paris to my personal favorite, Our Lips Are Sealed. These girls seemed to have everything and had the craziest things happen to them. I was obsessed. In the spirit of Halloween, we can't forget about their classic, Double Double, Toil and Trouble. I'm going to be completely honest: this movie was a bit scary to me as a child. Of course I've grown up and that has changed but one thing hasn't changed: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are still the queens of Halloween.

This dynamic duo has been killing the Halloween game (ha, ha, no pun intended) since they were youngsters. I did a little research and came back with my favorite costumes the twins have sported over the years.

High fashion animal ears are the perfect mix of sugar and spice (source)
I'm starting to think MK & A were the inspiration for Ana & Elsa... (source)
Now this is how you do 'sexy catwoman': no boobage necessary (source)

Want to channel your MK&A with your BFF (or even your actual twin)? Here's how I would recreate this stylish duo!

MK&A Halloween

All you need to complete this look is:
Two black dresses
Strappy black pumps
Black, oversized sunglasses
Starbucks (I would go with the classic PSL, but that's just me)
Red lipstick
Sea salt spray (gotta have that wavey hair look)
Center part your hair

Viola! You're officially the most stylish girls at the party. Such an easy look to complete, which might help y'all without costumes yet because Halloween is officially four days away! Eeek!

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