The Sophomore Slump is Real

Yes, the sophomore slump is real my friends. No, it doesn't mean being depressed or gloomy or super sad all the time, it's just different. Freshman year is full of making new friends, exploring campus, finding new opportunities, and having so much fun. Sophomore year, you've pretty much established all of that, so suddenly you're taking tougher courses, making major life decisions and trying to "adult." Sounds a lot less fun, eh?
The Sophomore Slump is Real

After reading this Odyssey article this morning, I've officially self-diagnosed myself with the dreaded sophomore slump. Picture this scenario: a paper is due at midnight, a meeting is in an hour, a exam in the hardest class is in a week and four assignments are due Friday, yet, there she is sitting on the couch, mindlessly browsing Pinterest and watching Friday Night Lights. That girl in that scenario? That's me. Right now.

But in honesty, I don't think the slump is necessarily a bad thing. Sophomore year is hard. Classes are demanding, there are group projects out the wazoo and you have a lot more responsibility than you did last year. When you focus on all of those things at once, your head might possibly explode. And that's probably not ideal for most people. What every stressed out college student needs is relief. Everyone does it differently. Some go get hammered on the weekends. Some binge-watch Netflix for hours on end (maybe even days if we're feeling bold?). And some FaceTime with their cat back at home and pretend he's sitting on their lap right that second.

Basically what I'm saying is that balance is important. You shouldn't be stressing out 100% of the time. You need time to breathe and give yourself a break. So for you, my fellow sophomores. Do just that. Don't feel bad when you're on your 4th consecutive episode of NCIS when you should be studying. Don't feel bad when you buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's at the student union, just because. Don't feel bad. College is about making mistakes and learning from them, so don't stress. Do you best and it will all work out. I hope.

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