A Love Letter to In-N-Out Burger

Dear In-N-Out,

You came into my life many years ago, but it was a short and timely love story. I was in Santa Monica for Spring Break when I got a taste of heaven for the first time. The experience was nothing flashy, but I knew you'd be back sometime.

the first meal, 2010
Fast-forward 5 years. I movedfrom Kansas to Texas. For some unknown reason, Texas was not only blessed with Whataburger (heavenly) and Raising Cane's (also heavenly), but In-N-Out as well. Yay Texas! I was reconnected to bae briefly my freshman year, but without a vehicle, there was simply no way to make it to the promised land. However, God has granted me the great gift of transportation this year, enabling me to make the trek to the holy mecca.

a real photo from my first in-n-out experience, 2010
In-N-Out, you delectable place you. Your white tiled walls, your bright red treys, your old-school hats. No one else compares. But the food. Oh, the food. I pity the fool that has never tried an In-N-Out burger. The crisp lettuce, the fresh tomato, the juicy burger, and the spread. Mama mia that spread is amazing.  Now don't even get me started on the animal fries. Fries with cheese and the spread? Someone is just pulling at my heart here. It might be clogged arteries, but it also might be love.

yesterday, 2015
In-N-Out is the one for me. Sorry McDonald's you didn't stand a chance. Wendy's and Burger King, just walk away. Whataburger, you can stay, but only for late-night cravings. But In-N-Out will always come first.

So now, I leave you this love letter to remind you that I love you and I care about you. And if your people call my people, I will gladly accept free In-N-Out.

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