A Look Into My 2015

How crazy is it that it’s the last day of the year! Because I was such an on again/off again blogger in 2015, I’m not going to do any sort of “blog moments of 2015.” However,  I didn’t think it was right to just let 2015 go unnoticed. I’m simply going to list off the awesome/crazy/lovely moments I experienced in 2015 so in 10 years (hopefully I’ll still be blogging) I can look back and smile/giggle/cry. Let’s get it started.


  • Brought in the New Year with some good friends at home
  • Cheered on the Frogs as they whooped the Rebels’ ass in the Peach Bowl
  • Said au revoir to my big brother as he moved from KC to Brooklyn
  • Was appointed tee shirt chair for Kappa Alpha Theta- Gamma Psi


  • Got to see Blake Shelton and Usher perform at Jerry World
  • Saw Guiliana Rancic speak at TCU (amazing woman, by the way)
  • Met TCU Baseball alum & previous Royals pitcher Brandon Finnegan at a TCU game
  • Had fun showing my mama around the Fort for Theta Mom’s Weekend (including seeing Easton Corbin at Billy Bob’s)
  • Finally got a couple snow days in Fort Worth

  • … Which included a giant sleepover at the Theta house


  • Took a little 14 hour drive down to Gulf Shores, Alabama to spend Spring Break with 20 of my sorority sisters

  • … Which included way too many memories to jot down
  • Dressed up as Dorothy, because, why not?


  • Headed home for Easter with the fam
  • Went to a Mavs game in Dallas
  • Got dressed up and went to formal


  • … Which included watching the Royals lose in Yankee Stadium 🙁
  • Took my mama to see Steve Miller Band and Buddy Guy at Starlight Theatre
  • Said goodbye to a high school classmate, whom God needed more than we did


  • … With some of my best friends
  • Saw Ed Sheeran and the Rolling Stones with my dad at Arrowhead Stadium


  • All I really did in July was work and watch the Royals. Nothing wrong with that!


  • Saw my all-time favorite, Kenny Chesney, for the fourth time at Arrowhead Stadium, along with Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert
  • Headed back to Texas for sorority work week & recruitment

  • … And bonded a little too much with my fellow Thetas


  • Decided to float down a river with friends… at a place called Hillbilly Haven

  • … Which resulted in a few more best friends (and a killer sunburn)
  • Was finally reunited with Horned Frog Football
  • Got to see Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer perform at TCU (and got a pretty good selfie with them, too)
  • Got some good family time with the ‘rents for Theta Parents Weekend
  • Signed a lease on my first house (with my best friends)
  • Finally got my LITTLE


  • Went to semi-formal with the besties

  • Headed back home for a short visit during Fall Break
  • Cheered on the Royals to their World Series victory
  • … Then cried when I couldn’t be at the ticker tape parade in KC
  • Dressed up as a robber… and Ke$ha… shamelessly


  • Got to hang out with my dad while he was in town for Theta Dad’s Weekend
  • Dressed as an alien… because, again, why not?

  • Mourned the losses from the Paris attacks
  • Got to spend a great Thanksgiving at home with my family
  • Witnessed the Frogs beating Baylor (can I get a hell yeah?!)


  • Survived finals.. thank God
  • Happily headed home for some peace and quiet
  • Got to spend time with my best friends
  • Had an amazing Christmas with my lovely family
  • And finally, cheered on the Chiefs to a victory over the Browns at Arrowhead Stadium

After going through my social media to pick my brain about 2015’s happenings (what? you thought I could remember all of that off the top of my head?) I realize how amazing this year has been, but I’m even more excited to see what 2016 has in store for me. I have a really good feeling that it’s going to be a great year. In case you missed it, I wrote about my goals for 2016 here. What were your favorite things from 2015? Share with me!



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