Advice to Those Finishing Their First Semester of College

Can you believe that a whole semester has flown by already? I can't believe I'm already halfway done with sophomore year! I know that freshman year, I was still a newbie at all of this, so here's a little advice for those of you finishing your first semester!

Advice to Those Finishing Their First Semester of College

1. Do not throw away any old tests, notes or handouts.
College professors tend to do this little thing called repetition. They'll usually reuse tests or quizzes, and usually stick with the same textbook for years. Be sure to keep any papers and tests from your classes so you can either A) help out someone taking that class the next semester, B) donate to your sorority's test bank, or C) keep it to help out next year's class. Or who knows, maybe you'll need to know some information from them later on. Either way, the trash can is no place for your old papers.

2. Search around to get the best price on selling your textbooks back
Textbooks are expensive. I'm sure you realized that at the beginning of the semester. If you rented your textbooks, give yourself a little pat on the back. You made the right move. But if you did happen to buy your books, you have a decision to make. If the textbook pertains to your major: keep it. You never know. If it doesn't: sell it. This can get tricky. There are tons of websites to sell, but I know at TCU, and probably a lot of other campuses, there are always campus reps set up willing to buy your textbooks. This is usually my go-to, simply because it's the easiest and finals week is busy. But because there are multiple options, be sure to compare prices and get the best deal.

3. Fill out your professor evals
At TCU they call them eSPOTs but I'm sure every school has some variation. This is where you can really evaluate your class and professor, to give the university a better idea on how they're doing. I know this seems so insignificant even if you go to a bigger school than I do, but I know professors really use these to see how they're doing/how their students react to their class and even universities use them to decide how a professor is doing. If you have strong feelings, one way or another, about a professor, your feedback could help!

4. Clean your room
Maybe this is just me, but when I leave 'home' (wherever that may be) for an extended period of time, nothing feels better than returning to a clean room. It will make you less stressed returning to the "real world" (aka school and/or work) and make the transition back just a tad easier. I set aside a couple hours before I head home for break to clean my room, do my laundry and tidy up so I'll be a little more relaxed.

5. Research next semester's classes
By now I'm sure you already have schedule for next semester. Take some time to plan ahead. When do you need to get textbooks? Do you need to get textbooks? Have any of your friends taken that class already? Will any friends be in that class with you? Now is a good time to get prepared before you take your much-needed mental vacation.

6. Thank your parents
Your parents are paying good money for your education. Beyond that, you're gaining lifetime memories and experiences that you could never get anywhere else. Thank your parents for supporting you and giving you some great opportunities.

7. Hug your roommate & other friends
Whether you and your roommate are BFFs or simply acquaintances, you survived a whole semester together without killing each other, and you both deserve a hug for that. Hug her and hug your friends because even though a month (give or take a week) sounds like a short time, it's extremely long when you're states away from all of your college BFFs.

8. Erase the pain, or the joy, or whatever
Maybe you failed your finals. Or maybe you aced them! Either way, next semester is a completely clean start. You get new classes, new professors, and new experiences that can be completely fresh. Keep that in mind and enjoy it!

I hope everyone's final go/went well and that everyone had a great semester! Enjoy some time off and go relax with some Netflix in your big comfy bed at home!

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