Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve, it's Christmas Eve! Can you believe it? I'm proud to say that my presents are all wrapped and under the tree! I spent some time yesterday- after a lovely mother/daughter lunch- wrapping presents, while listening to my new favorite podcast, and Rascal "helped."

Our family is one of those families where we have to have an aesthetically pleasing Christmas tree, where all of our wrapping paper "works" together. No weird wrap in our house (well, unless you consider our Christmas kitty wrap 'weird,' but it still sort of works with the others). I like to consider myself a pretty good wrapper, but my mom really takes the cake. I'll post some good pictures of the presents under the tree tomorrow, but for now, here are some of my wrap jobs:

Seriously how cute is that red with gold polka dot wrapping paper?! Its from the adorable Sugar Paper line at Target! After the wrapping-fest, I had dinner with the fam, then met up with some friends. My brother finally arrived home around 11:30 from New York after many delays. It's good to have him back!

As for today, it was full of fun! The whole fam had lunch in downtown KC at The Mixx, a great salad place. Not the most festive of choices, but definitely delicious. Then, we headed to the UMKC campus to see their rendition of A Christmas Carol. Honestly, it was amazing. I saw it was UMKC maybe ten years ago, and then again in middle school after we read the book, but they've definitely changed it! There was some amazing stage work, lighting, and acting of course. Hats off to the cast and crew! If you're able to see it next year, I highly suggest it!

After the show my brother went off to do some last minute Christmas shopping (his, not mine of course) and went to the classic Winstead's downtown. I remembered last year we happened to have it on Christmas Eve as well, so we decided to stop by again for a limeade and a shake- yum. Maybe it will become a tradition?

Tonight will include some pulled pork sandwiches while we watch Scrooged- a family favorite- then head to church to celebrate the reason for the season! I hope everyone is having a marvelous Christmas Eve and an even better Christmas!

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