New Year New Me?

Well, this is weird. I honestly don't know if I've ever written down new year's goals (resolutions). Maybe that's why I'm never skinnier, richer or smarter? LOL. I guess 2016 is the year. The year that Emma got ambitious. Here we go.
Workout 3x a week
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it comes with some reasoning. I've been super bad about working out this semester (like seriously, I worked out three times), so I feel pretty icky and not in-shape. I know it's overly ambitious to say I'll workout every day because you and I both know that ain't gonna happen. But I figured that with three days a week, I would work out MWF or Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or whatever. If I miss a day, I'll still have a few more to choose from. Then, maybe this will set a routine and I'll actually want to workout more. I'll also be heading back to Cabo for Spring Break and this bod ain't bikini ready, let me tell ya.

Increase my GPA
I know what you're thinking. This is so vague she's never going to do it. Well you know what? Suck it, because I'm two steps ahead of you. I don't really want the whole dang world knowing my current GPA (hello future employers) and I haven't done the math yet to see what is plausible. When you go to a university that heavily uses the +/- system, there's no way I'm making all A's, sorry. Just being realistic. So, once I figure out what the actual, numerical goal is, I will write it down some place.

Reduce my junk intake
Another pretty basic one. Just as any college kid does, I pretty much eat what's easiest to get. Whether this is pizza or a salad, it's going in my mouth. Now, I'm going to admit something, guys: that's a bad excuse. I could easily opt for a salad instead of a hearty slice of pizza, or even one less cookie. But either way, I need to learn to live healthier, from working out to eating. It's pretty basic, but it needs to be done, little by little.

Internship / Job
Like I mentioned in my end-of-the-semester post, I'll be leasing a house with some of my BFFs this coming year. The lease begins in the beginning of June (aka right after my 21st birthday #heckya) so I'm planning on living in Fort Worth for most of the summer. How weird is that? Well as mama always said, money doesn't grow on trees. I'm currently on the hunt for a paid internship or even a simple retail job (or both) to make a little dough. So, if you're in the DFW area looking for a digital marketing intern, I'm your girl! (shameless plug)

Increase blog following
This one was sort of thrown in there, because I never really think of my blogging as something to set goals for. I'm not trying to make money off of this (although that would be nice #hitmeup), and I'm not trying to build an empire (ok well, not yet anyway), so why would I need to set goals? Well, even though I'm not trying to do either of the above, I'd like to set some benchmarks in both my blog views and my social media following (follow me on twitter and pinterest pretty please) to be able to reach toward something in the coming year. I'll be writing these numerical goals in another place, but they will be happening.

Wish me luck in following through with these goals, I'll need some encouragement! (Especially with that workout one, yo.) I've read probably a billion times that writing down your goals makes them X more times more likely to be completed, so I'll probably be writing these somewhere I can see them a lot like a post-it on a mirror or in my planner.

Now that I've blabbed on about my goals, tell me about your's! I'm always interested to see what goals people have for themselves, so feel free to share below! I can't believe 2015 is almost over, can you?!

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