5 Tips to Get Off Your Butt and Get to the Gym

As you remember way back in the beginning of January (holy s*** has it already been almost a month?!) I set some goals for myself for 2016. If you actually clicked on that link, you'll see that one of my goals for this year is to workout three times a week, and [suprisingly] I've done pretty well so far! Back at home, it wasn't that tricky to get to the gym. I had plenty of free time (no homework, not a ton of friends in town, etc.) and the motivation of my parents to get to there. However, being at school is a different story. You're juggling about a bajillion different things and honestly, working out often gets pushed to the very bottom of the list.

So how do you change this? Getting to the gym while you're away at school becomes more and more important, especially as soon as you see that freshman 15 (or in my case, sophomore 15) creeping up on you. Each tip is sort of situation-based, but hopefully, my tips will help you get off your butt and get to the gym.

5 Tips to Get Off Your Butt and Get to the Gym

Don't Shower
Wait what?! I know. Weird tip. But for me, one of my biggest excuses for not getting to the gym would be "I already showered." My logic behind this was that I didn't want to shower again if I had already showered that day. Now, I've made it routine to purposely not shower at night (yes, I'm a night showerer), forcing me to make a choice: shower in the morning or workout then shower. This then would make me feel guilty if I didn't workout. This has actually totally worked for me.

Schedule Classes Smarter
It may a little late to do this for this semester, but maybe you can do this next semester. I got super lucky this semester and don't have classes until 2 p.m. each day (whoop!) and don't have classes on Fridays either (double whoop!). This gives me plenty of time to workout, shower and eat (and even study) before my classes every day. I like this schedule so far, but we'll see. If you're not as lucky as me: sorry. No, I'm just kidding. My situation is very rare. But if you're able to schedule classes to enable workouts, even just twice during the week, you'll be more inclined to go to the gym. Last semester, I had 9 a.m. classes, which left me very little motivation to wake up early and workout before class. If you're the opposite of me, schedule your classes earlier so you can get to the gym in the afternoon.

Know the Gym "Rush Hour"
One of the biggest turn offs from going to the gym is the crowdedness. The gym here at TCU is usually its busiest around 4 p.m. when everyone is out of class. The gym at home is busy around 9 a.m. when all the soccer moms' kids are at school and at 5 p.m. when all the business people come back from work. Most places are like this, but yours might be different. One way to find this out is by trial and error. Don't always go to the gym at the same time, but mix it up to see what crowd you like being in the most. Another way is to ask the gym staff. They're there all the time and know when the gym is at its busiest.

Have a Plan
When I set up a plan the night before, I'll be more likely to follow through and go to the gym the next morning. I'll set out my workout clothes, know what I'm going to eat before (hint: carbs are great before a workout), what workouts I'm actually going to do (arms, legs, abs, glutes, etc.) and what I'm going to eat after (hint: protein!). When I know all of this, the only thing left required is to physically get there.

Set a Goal
This is such a cliche for working out, but it totally helps. My goal is to have a stomach I'm comfortable with in a bikini when I go to Mexico for Spring Break. Your goal might be something similar, or it might be something drastically different, like "have more energy daily" or "develop a six-pack."

Remember, these are just my tips that help me. Yours might be different. But go ahead and try some of these! You never know what might help you! If you do try any of these, go ahead and tell me in the comment sections, I'd love to hear! Happy Workout!

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  1. I loved reading these tips, as I'm actually on my way to the gym right now! Totally feel you on the not showering thing; I hate messing up my cleanliness haha