8 Links for Anyone Obsessing Over Making A Murderer

Like the rest of the country, I've been sucked into the Making A Murderer phenomenon. After seeing so many tweets raving about it, I was like, what the hell? So I started watching it with my parents when I was still at home and just recently finished it. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, watch at least three episodes, because in my opinion, the first two episodes were a little bland, but it starts getting addicting after the third.

Here's a short description of the show for those of you who haven't heard much about it: Steven Avery was arrested for rape in his twenties and did 18 years in prison before DNA evidence cleared his name. Not too long after his release from prison, he was again arrested for a crime- a murder this time- that he claims he is innocent of. The series follow the Avery family, the lawyers and the trials as Steven Avery tries to clear his name for the second time.

If you haven't watched Making A Murderer yet, stop reading this now (because spoilers) and watch the series HERE. Then come back.

8 Links for Anyone Obsessing Over Making A Murderer
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Because I'm fascinated with this dramatic case and wanted to learn more, naturally I Googled a little bit and found some things related to the show that I've decided to share with you!

*Wanting more binge-watching after finishing MAM? Check out 10 suggestions from POPSUGAR.

*Book-lovers rejoice! There will be a book on Steven Avery's case soon.

*Season two or nah? Bustle reports.

*Buzzfeed shares 12 answers to questions we all have about MAM.

*Where are they now? Making A Murderer edition.

*But was everything included in the documentary?

*So if it wasn't Steven, who was it? Here are some theories according to POPSUGAR.

*And finally, 17 hilarious tweets about the series.

I couldn't just not include this. (source)

Have you watched the series? What did you think? Was Steven Avery guilty? Did Brendan Dassey help him? Comment below with your thoughts and comments!

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