Makeup Advice I Wish I'd Gotten Sooner

We all look back at old pictures of ourselves and cringe. What was I wearing? What was I doing? Why does my face look like that!!!!? If you don't ask yourself those questions then you're probably Beyonce. In that case, omg girl I love your work.

After years of magazine-reading, Pinterest-binging and YouTube-stalking, I feel like I've finally figured out how to do makeup that looks decent on my face. I am by no means a beauty blogger, nor do I think my face looks anywhere near flawless, but I feel like I look like a decent human being most days. Unfortunately for me, middle school and high school Emma couldn't quite say the same. We learn from others' mistakes, so be prepared to giggle at pictures of me accompanied by makeup advice I wish I'd gotten sooner.

Heavy Waterline Eyeliner
Holy shit was I trying to be Avril Levigne or something? Why did no one tell me I looked like the lead singer of a emo rock band? Seriously, I'm embarrassed to say I did this for years before I read something that said hey, don't do that. Just line the outter 1/4 of your waterline and your eyes will looks bigger. And you know what? They were right. Wowzers.

The Eyebrows... for God's sake
I was #blessed with blonde eyebrows and brunette hair. Which, no offense God, makes no sense at all. I distinctly remember being teased in elementary school about being "eyebrow-less," years and years before "eyebrows on fleek" was even a trend. Well, no one really introduced me to filling in your eyebrows until the later high school days, and boy am I thankful they did. Now, if I don't even put on makeup, I'll still fill in my eyebrows so I look like a real person. I've tried eyebrow gel and it just looked very fake and painted on, and now I've opted to using a dark brown eye shadow that looks more natural.

The White Eye
I don't know where I got this magnificent idea, but for some reason when I heard something about white at the crevice of your eye making your eyes look bigger registered as "just use white eye shadow for your whole eye!" Sometimes I would even put silver glitter on top, you know, for special occasions. I was a dancer okay?! GLITTER WAS IN MY VEINS. (Still is.)

So now that you've seen me at my worst and gotten a good chuckle, go follow my brand-spankin' new blog Instagram, HERE! (shameless plug.) Now, please share your embarrassing makeup stories to make me feel better.

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