My Travel Bucket List

For the last few weeks, I’ve been obsessing over all of the fabulous vacations people have been taking during their Christmas breaks. Whether fellow bloggers, or friends in real life, there were so many great pics on my feed! I’m not gonna lie, I was extremely jealous. To cope with my envy, I decided to pull together a little travel bucket list to share my hopes for future travels!


I think I was first drawn to Reykjavik when I came across Kiki’s blog, Unlocking Kiki. She lives an amazingly adventurous life in Iceland, so naturally I was drawn in. I love love love the ice blue pools and the colors the buildings sport. I also like that it doesn’t seem to be overly touristy. Although it is a hot spot, you don’t hear about people visiting Iceland quite as much as Paris or London. I love a good vacation without too much tourism going on. Feeling like a local always draws me in.

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Don’t you think that for someone who technically resides in Texas, I would’ve traveled around a little more? When they say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” they’re referring to the highways and the distance between the major cities. Being in college surprisingly gives you very little time to travel. Weird, huh? Clearly Austin is one of those crazy weird cities that just doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the state. Full of music, art and bars, Austin is certainly one not to miss. I really hope to get there ASAP, whether its just a weekend trip with friends, or going to the infamous Austin City Limits, I’ll get there.

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Pretty sure my love affair with Greece began in the classic 2005 film, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. There’s no way you can watch Lena fall in love with a gorgeous Greek boy and not want to travel halfway across the world to see if you could find a Greek man for yourself. I love those white buildings against the deep blue sea, just so beautiful.

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Clearly, I’ve been to New York before. It was great, but it wasn’t long enough. I want to explore more and visit less touristy places now that we’ve covered those. My brother is living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan, so I’m hoping to get back to there this summer and spend a few more days wandering around the city that never sleeps.

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And last but not least: Capri. I wish I had a fun story as to why I want to visit Capri, but I really don’t. The beaches seem small and secluded, the colors are beautiful, and well, it’s Italy. What’s not to love?

Of course I have bunches of places I hope to visit, but that would just go on and on. This was the day’s shortened list, you’re welcome. If anyone’s willing to buy me a trip to any of these places, donations are accepted. But I think the real question is, where do you want to visit? HMU with a comment below!



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