Things You Miss When You Go Back to College

The time has finally come. It's time to leave your warm, cozy home and head back to college to your dorm, textbooks and parties. I started writing this post just thinking about the things I'd miss, but then there are also things I won't miss, no matter how much I love being home.

Things You Miss When You Go Back to College

So here's to the things you'll miss:

1. The bed
Going from a full/twin bed to a queen bed makes quite a difference in college land. Even if you sleep in a two foot wide section like I do.
2. Privacy
It's nice to have your own room again if you've been sharing one all semester, or even just your own personal space. Except when it means your parents randomly letting themselves in and asking why you're not awake yet. That won't be missed.
3. The closet
I forgot how amazing my closet is at home, and suddenly I'm wishing I could transport the whole thing to my tiny shoebox in my dorm.
4. Solid wifi
When you spend 35% of your time at school complaining about the shitty wifi, you suddenly worship having a solid connection while binge watching "Making A Murderer" in your big comfy queen bed.
5. Home cooked meals
No matter how nice your school's food is, nothing really compares to your mom's home cooked meals.
6. And meals out
Being home means your parents taking you out to eat, which also means they pay, which also means they choose something a little nicer than a taco shop.
7. Shopping
Shopping with your mother is what the fancy people call "delightful."
8. Pet
It's no surprise that I'm obsessed with my cat. Even my friends at school know that. And because I'm not allowed to have one at school, I soak up as much time as I can with my (not so) little Rascal.
9. Almost 0 responsibilities
I say almost because let's be real, when we're home, we're expected to be grocery shoppers, drivers, etc. BUT I'm not complaining because it's a lot better than studying, so whoohoo for no responsibilities!
10. High school friends
The difference between high school friends and college friends is just that: high school. They saw you at your worst, so they'll be there for the long haul.
11. A constant parking spot
Coming from a school that seems to have less than minimal parking options (and outside for that matter), coming home to a garage spot is quite the luxury.
12. The bathroom
Not sharing your most private room is special, even if it is just knowing you don't need to rush your shower because your roommate needs it next.

... and things you really won't miss:

1. Supervision
In college you can just have people over to your residence any old time you want, but at home it requires asking, then them opening the door, then a possible stop-in to the basement to "check on the dip."
2. The questions
"Where are you going?" "Who'll be there?" "Are you drinking? "Who's driving" "Why haven't you worked out this week?" "Why are you always watching Netflix?" "How late did you stay up?"
3. High school "friends"
There are high school friends and there are high school "friends." Seeing the latter might just be the worst part about break.
4. Nighttime hours
"Bedtime" at school isn't really a set time, but rather when A) you're done studying, B) the bars close or C) you just finished a TV series. "Bedtime" at school usually happens around 11 p.m.
5. Lack of middle-of-the-night meals
For instance right now. I could really go for some pizza, but that's frowned upon here.
6. No college friends
No further comment needed.
7. No college boys
Also, no comment needed.
8. Bars
College bars are different than bars at home, ok?
9. (Lack of) roommate(s)
As much as you love having privacy at home, it just doesn't compare to being able to go home to your BFFs and swap stories from the night.

I'm so excited to get back to school and have yet another semester filled with stories! In case you missed my recap of the first semester, read it here. Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their break, soak it up while you can!

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