TIFW: January

Did everyone survive the first Monday of the new year? Boy, I sure hope so. I'm busy enjoying my last week of break by binging Sex and the City and eating all of the food in my parents' house. Judge me. Now that its a new year, I figured I'd start a new monthly post I like to call, things I f****ing want, otherwise known as TIFW. Disclosure: I clearly need 0 of these things, but damn do I want them. Enjoy your lusting.

Marble iPad Case | Thigh High Boots | Sleep Shirt | Sneakers | Tee Shirt | iPhone Case 
So can you tell I'm into bold words and minimal color? Ha. I recently inherited my mom's iPad mini and have been on the hunt for a case that works for me. I love this marble-looking one, but I'm worried that the moment I order it, the marble trend will be out. Ugh. As for the thing high boots, who doesn't love thigh high boots? I'm in my twenties and I think it's about time I get some boots made for a real woman. Next we have the adorable sleep shirt, ever-so-perfect for me. Granted, it is $114 because of it's WILDFOX label, but I'm sure Target will be releasing a knockoff any day now. The sneakers have been on my radar, but I'm not sure if I could pull them off. I always see bloggers and fashionistas rocking their New Balances with jeans, but I think I would give off a momish vibe if I tried that... The tee shirt needs no explanation. I love Beyonce, ok? And finally, the iPhone case comes from Jac Vanek, my new favorite little store, but more importantly, a member of my new favorite podcast, Fempire. It's three women in L.A. that get together, drink mimosas and bitch about the highs and lows of their C-list lifestyles. I'm obsessed. The girls release a new episode every Tuesday, so go and check it out! (Fun fact: I like to listen to Fempire while I'm at the gym because it distracts me from any tiredness I'm feeling!)

So there you have it, things I just f***ing want in January. Check back in February for other things I'm day dreaming about!

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