Why I Don't Want to be Carrie Bradshaw

It's no secret that I've been- well, was- binge watching Sex and the City on Amazon Prime. What an amazing show. Naturally Carrie is my favorite, I mean, she writes a column and a book for God's sake, what blogger wouldn't want to be Carrie? But then I started thinking about it. The only things I really liked about Carrie were her career, her huge New York apartment, and her well-stocked closet. Other than that, Carrie was actually sort of a shitty person. I'll explain.

(Warning: this post contains spoilers to anyone who hasn't watched the series)

Her Narcissism
Throughout the series, there were many, many times that Carrie's friends were going through some serious life issues (pregnancy, divorce, etc.) and all should could do was bitch about Big or whatever guy she was currently canoodling.

Her Financial Stupidity
When Aiden moves out and sends Carrie papers that say that she can either pay him for the apartment or move out, Carrie suddenly realizes that she has like no savings. Seriously?! You're a 35 year old woman and you don't have anything saved up? But more importantly, you spent all your money on shoes?! I'm all for some gorgeous heels, but sometimes you need to know when enough is enough. Oh and then when she tries take public transportation to save some money, she acts like a total diva. Like please. You are a writer, not a supermodel.

Her Cheating
I'm sorry, maybe this is just me but I would never be "the other woman." The fact that Carrie willingly lets Big cheat on Natasha makes me sick. Oh and don't forget she's also cheating on Aiden while she's sleeping with Big. How despicable can you get?

Her Closed-Mindedness
When Samantha decides she's going to try a relationship, Carrie and the rest of the girls totally judge her and scoff. They don't even take a moment to consider that maybe that's how Samantha is.

Her Promiscuity
Now, I totally understand that the whole point of this show is the sex that all of the women are having and to document them, but when Carrie complains about not having relationships, she fails to realize that she doesn't have anyone's trust. Big can't trust her, Aiden can't trust her, etc. It's a vicious cycle that she's done to herself.

I'm not going to stop loving Sex and the City, but I have stopped loving Carrie. She may have the job, but she does not have the life.


  1. I haven't watched the series I always wanted to but those are some valid points!


  2. I agree! She gets on my nerves and this is the first time I run i to someone online who thinks like me :)

  3. I agree! She gets on my nerves and this is the first time I run i to someone online who thinks like me :)